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And Rome DOES have interesting opening titles. Can't yet work out if I like them or if they're a bit dicky.

Interestingly enough (or not), I brought the first series of The Shield on DVD yesterday. Only because it was cheap, and being able to watch it at a suitable hour without ads for the girl of my dreams @ 5.95 per message popping up just as a big drug bust is about to go down.

Hey, whaddaya know? I bought it on the cheap at Myers about a month ago. I never saw it last time (2003) except for the first episode. It wasn't bad considering the strange premise of the main character murdering another cop but still being a "good guy" because the top cop was worse.

We don't have TiVo, but Foxtel does IQ which is similar. Not as full-featured as TiVo, but pretty good.

I've never understood why IXIC isn't just IC. Makes more sense to me. Same as the Prince song, should be IM, but no, it's..., not.

Bittorrent is your friend, Tone.

And get yourself some sort of PVR. I've had one for a couple of years now (originally a MythTV box, then a Windows Media Centre PC) and it's the duck's nuts. All your favourite shows tape automatically and flipping through the ads is a doddle. You can set 'em to chop out the ads TiVo-style as well, but don't ask me how.

"Rome" becomes fairly addictive, Tony. Glad they're making a second series. I found it markedly better than "Deadwood" But you are indeed correct - it has to be viewed in one uninterrupted session. Ciaran Hinds is superb: the definitive Julius Caesar.

Over in Britain it was shown on BBC2. Didn't get great audiences, but I'll wager the viewers were all in the elite AB bracket (except for myself, obviously). At the same time on the main channels you could enjoy a third repeat showing of a piss-poor detective show, some god-awful sit-com or, on channel 4, some fat birds cleaning some loser's pit.

The whole series of Rome is unbelievable TV. Sex, violence, full frontal nudity (male unfortunately), no concept of Christian morality, scheming women using their bodies to get into positions of political power......it's a buffet of Roman hedonism. Great!

The only downer for me was that they obviously thought that the start of Gladiator style battle scenes would be too expensive, so had a couple of horses running into each other to represent what would have been tens of thousands of legionnaires going at it hammer and tongs.

Can't wait for season 2.


Survivor is excellent television.

my fave telly is not Rome - it was damn stupid and the fact 9 pulled it shows that most people who liked it were tossers

nieghbours is the best show ever made. have you ever met Susan Kennedy, apparently shes a snatch muncher but she'd switch for me, I just know it.

I just can't believe Eddie McGuire still has a job. That bloke is a nonce. Which reminds me...bring back Porridge

Yo, A Pontian - Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris.

Carpe DVDiem.

Stercus accidit.

No he ditn't.

Rome is the best made for telivision series ever made. It goes to show how brain dean 9 was to BONE the outstanding series.

Those persons that are unable to understand and appreciate HBO's marvilous show are you boofhead ozzies that did'nt listen at school and are more woried about the footie and cricket or brain dead Home and Away or in fact even worse Neighbours.

Thank god for HBO Foxtel and the ABC. For the rest of the Boof Heads that could not get Rome, denjoy your stupid simple boring uneventful lives and enjoy Home and Away111

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