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As if it was the drought-breaker since the Boston Redsox in 2004, Straya winning the Merica's Cup or Narrogin Towns winning the flag in 1986, a newsreader last week breathlessly announced "If Sydney win this Saturday they will be the first team to win two in a row since 2003."

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Kerr got robbed for the Norm.

Pre-game entertainment is shite. Play the magoos grannie, mime one verse of AAF and let it rip.

I picked Embley for the Norm, but if Sydney had have won then Kirk would have been favourite. I find it hard to believe your top 5 were all West Coast in a game decided by 1 point.

You better have another look at my five, Yob.

First time in a while that they gave the Normy to the winning side in a 'close' Granny... usually they give it to the best losing player as a consolation- see Buckley, N. and Judd, C. for examples.

I'll grant Ablett deserved the Normy, but not Maurice Rioli, Buckley or Judd.

By the way, better add Goodes to the list of Brownlow winners who went on to lose the Grand Final. Although that is balanced out by Dipper who I forgot won the Brownlow when Hawthorn won the flag in 1986.

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