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Sorry I haven't replied to comments.

You dogs.

Sucks to be a Victorian sometimes?

I take it the Demons didn't get to the Grand Reserve Prelminary Trophy Cup Final first leg then. Or whatever it's called. I still don't really understand the playoff system, to be honest. It's phenomenally difficult to follow the sport in this country - we have an Aussie bar just down the road from us and all it ever shows is football (soccer) and the odd rugby match.

Sounds like my usual sporting-affiliation luck rubbed off on Melbourne though. Sorry mate.

Thank you, Gloatse man.

Don't worry, Paul, you needn't take any blame. Melbourne was a basket case before you joined up for the fun.

Damn, I could have sworn Melbourne were going to win in 2006.

Certainly can't see Adelaide getting over Wet Toast sadly. I'll hitch on the Freo Sadwagon.

Heave Ho.

Sweetie, darling sweetie loveypuss
The footy is not yet over honeyboo - GO THE CROWS!


(Anyone But Eagles)

That's my second favourite team.

Boys, the hate will poison you, you've got to spit it out.

BTW Yobbo, the first question Drewe Mourphette asked Rocket on sunday morning was about the free kick count, which favoured the Mighty High Flying Eagles. Rocket said, "no, most of them were there, most of them were there, our tackling was poor, head-highs". Yep, it's not the count that counts, it's how the count was made.

Face it, Os. West Coast fans make a lot of racket, not to influence the umps (although that's a beneficial side-effect), but to drown out the clinking of the glasses being topped up with Ben Ean. The image of Wet Toasters as chardonnay sippers is a misplaced stereotype. You're not that classy, yet.

Ben Ean sounds like an Eagles player.

Go Swans.

Tole you before Tone, I'm a d'Arenberg Original, Shiraz-Grenache man. Don't touch uncharded woodenay.

os: Most free kicks are "there". The question is how many free kicks that were "there" were NOT paid to Sydney, because they didnt have 43,000 screaming lunatics asking for one?

It's hard for me to feel embarassed, I've been to Victoria Park to watch the Eags play the Pies. "43,000 screaming lunatics" at Subi is a walk in the park compared to the froth those berkos kicked up.

Whaddaya mean, your second favourite team? "Anyone But Eagles" is practically the Dockers' trading name.

why do perth teams have such SHIT songs?

I like Freo's. There! I said it!


The Eagles could have done a crankin' version of the Perth Dees song, but Adelaide went and used it.

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