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What are you doing what that dipstick's program anyway?

FREO Speedwagon - nice.

Just flipping after CSI. Don't worry, I only watched about 5 minutes worth, if that.

What RT says. Serves you right.

Actually, that wasn't a very nice thing I just said, was it? Hope there's no kiddies reading this.

No, it was the right thing to say. It serves me right.

Yeah, Tony, how did you manage to endure five whole minutes of the cunt? That's quite a feat. Is there some training regimen involved, like watching videos of Daryl Somers singing?

I've only seen the odd five minutes of the nuffy before I realised what I was watching. Seriously though they must frequently be pressing the "APPLAUSE" button to prompt the audience to laugh because in his opening monologue/speel/attempt at humour he didn't tell a decent gag for a whole 5 minutes and you would swear by the audience that it was Monty Python at its best.

He can have the Barry Crockers as far as I'm concerned.

He needs a fatwa placed on him.

Yes, another one.

Thankfully here in the top bit of TV Australia we are Roveless for much of the year. We have no 'TEN' button on our plasmas, you see. However we are partially exposed to Mr Rove at Logies time, if it doesn't clash with crab-tying night.

And to think Rove has won a swathe of Logies. They must be giving those fuckers away these days, going by the talent he displays. They'll soon be giving them away for crab-tying.

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