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Peter Helliar - most unfunny man alive. Worse than Daryl Somers.

Harsh, Nick. Very, very harsh.

I was saying elsewhere what a kiss of death that the Brownlow was for the competing side the following Saturday - and that was without including Buckley, who I forgot about for some reason.

And as Gerard Healy proved, it even works across families.

Demetriou might have thrown in some pauses later in the night, but early on he was rabbiting away at 90 words a minute. Maybe the dosage wore off as the night wore on.

Geez, Nick, that's a bit rough.

The sequined 23. You haven't mentioned the sequined 23.

I'm going out to put twenty bucks on Danyle Pearce to win next year.

I quite liked Helliar actually. When he and Sully walked out for the pre-pre-pre count banter, but after the pre-pre-pre-pre count red carpet, I was on the edge of cringe. But it never came.

Liked the dig about Carlton and the Michael Gardiner valet service.

With all due respect to the Brownlow medallists losing the GF the next Saturday, 90% of those named probably SHOULD have won those games. I know that doesn't mean anything but its not like a lot of them were absolutely blown away...

I saw a little bit with Hellier and Sully. Sully is ever so slightly past her peak and Hellier is unbearable at his best. I didn't watch any more.

Carna: I can't remember exactly when the Browqnlow switched to Monday of GF week, I think maybe Blight's was the first, but if it was earlier Keith Grieg won in 1974 before losing the GF. Andy sure was fizzing early on, but he was still slipping in the pauses in about round two. And later on he barely bothered with the games involving anyone outside West Coast, Sydney and the Bulldogs. He couldn't get the other games out of the way quick enough.

TC: The sequined 23 was abysmal. What was that girl thinking? Could it somehow be the real reason for the rift between Lleyton and McLeod?

Adsy: I didn't hear Hellier. I'm not a fan, but I'm told he went alright. Melbourne was blown away in 2000. The 60 point margin flattered the Dees, as did Woey's 19 touches flatter him.

Dirk: I pretty much only watched because I was at a function. If I was at home I would have watched something else. Still, it was better than last year when I was in hospital.

Marginally better. Mind you, the food was better in hospital.

What about Didak's tranny missus?

Gavin Wanganeen. Shane Woewodin. AFL has the best names.

Court: I did - bizarre. By the way, I wasn't sure if your's was a real jokey type comment or an actual real nasty spam type comment (albeit with wit) so I took out the links.

Saggy: Woewodin always sounded to me like a good name for an SS tank battalion. Pity Woey didn't play like one. Well, maybe he did early in the season, just like the SS tank battalions.

Lance Whitnall should shoot himself in the head. That is all.

Hi Tone....Courtney again.
Check out the piccy of moi at: http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n146/courtneyact/CA-Blue-Dress-Web.jpg

Compare it with Didak's lovely lassie, Kassie:

She/he has totally ripped off my look.....not happy Tony.
No need to take out the link this time.

The Brownlow red carpet and ceremony is the only televisual event I play back again and again. It's even better then the Victoria's Secret annual show.

Can I add I was disappointed that Judd's lady covered up after last year.

Judd's squeeze looked like a Roman matron. Rebecca in culina laborat.

The buxom lass next to Goldsfink you refer to was his 18 year old daughter. I wonder how many pissed footballers asked her to blow their whistle or hold their balls?

And would she back-chat like her dad?

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