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Had any games of Wankwords Bingo at the conference?

You missed your own anniversary? Have you no respect?!

Ok so what are the core competencies of blogging?

Is it Cert 1 or 2 level?

Can I get RPL?

And did you meet all your KPIs set out when you started?

Congratulations on the blogging thing.

That list of jargon was a blast from the past. Is it still possible to pass a TAFE course and have no ability in the area it is supposed to qualify you for?

Carna: Never heard of it, but I can guess the gist and it sounds like just the thing. The meeting-hogs provide plenty of cues.

Anne: Because it fell on the weekend it totally slipped me mind.

FX: Quals range from Cert I (Pre-Blog) through to Advanced Diploma of Blogging (Power Systems).

Key KPI is a poor command of English.

RPL is negotiable. But potential applicants can send in their ten best posts and we'll see what we can do. If they can't manage ten, they send their 3 worst.

Lemmy: Not in this course, you need to know stuff. An things. (Seriously, I wouldn't lie about that. Not at all.)

I've heard that thinking inside the box is the new thinking outside the box when it comes to education.

Modules in text messaging and teenage pregnancy
are currently in vogue over here.

Onwards and upwards.

Onwards and upwards indeed, Woody, the why's the limit.

Bullshit Bingo GameBoard

Top game, Salty, but Grant Thomas asks that you add "exited out".

"I've heard that thinking inside the box is the new thinking outside the box when it comes to education."

... and we'll get back to you after we've examined the black box which you might or might not be surprised (or even interested, but hopefully not) to learn is the new black ... box that is.

Bring back cuisenaire! We're from the Department of Endless Long Lunches and Coloured Pencils - and we know you want to!

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