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Pity Hitch didn't make Peeping Tom, punwise and all that. Mind you, I bet he wishes he had.

(Soap on a) Rope?

I thought you meant remember The Green Man with Alastair Sim. I bet TGM wouldn't know much about the great Simonator.

This post is for The Birds.

Sim obviously had a thing for green.

Sidney Gilliat, too.

Master Bates at the Motel

Is that the film where The Lady Vanishes?

FX: As a big toofy fan you'll be interested to know there is a Bate playing for Melbourne. No points for guessing his nickname. That's right - Bluey.

No, Tim, The Lady Perishes.

B: When using Soap on a Rope, you must clean yourself in one take.

One cake.

Possibly. But you can't eat it, too.

Quizmaster: "Which Hitchcock movie is famous for the shower scene?"

I always thought it was "Porky's" (aka "The Man Who Saw Too Much")

It's still a grand old flag then?

Allright, the last from me.

It's all over. Mad Monday has come to Sunday night for me. It's over. Guts, guts and guts. And GUTS.

I dips me lid to Melbourne. I thought we could get there. I thought we were in with a chance. I thought with a minute and a half we could scrape in the golden time. But one fucked up pass. ONE FUCKED UP PASS. Seperated the mighty Blue and Gold from Glory and the Outhouse - THE Shithouse.

It's all over. I'm gutted. That's it from me. Seeya later Tone. As Desmond says "See you in another life."

Sorry I left you on the balcony in the cold. I'm a fuckhead. Doesn't matter, you're a top bloke. I'm pissed. Over and out.

"So baby dry your eyes
Save all the tears you've cried
Oh, that's what dreams are made of
'Cause we belong in a world that must be strong
Oh, that's what dreams are made of"

Pat Hannagan OUT!!!


I couldn't resist adding my top 10 Hitch movies to proceedings...

1. The 39 Steps (To Rolling The Perfect J)
2. Jamaica Weed
3. Dope
4. Spliffers On A Train
5. Dial G For Ganja
6. The Trouble With Green
7. To Catch A Reefer
8. Smoko
9. The Bongs
10. Munchy Frenzy



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