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Ralph Lauren is probably a Paul Smith man himself.
1985, huh... When will they rehabilitate the mullet then?

Indeedy. I've been looking to freshen up my work wardrobe for summer and what's on offer down Little Collins St and in DJs would make you look like an eighties South Yarra real estate agent. All this wide lapel and stripes stuff is particularly spivvy.

Even Harrolds have succumbed and is now peddling stuff like pink argyll pattern polonecks that even a Bangkok pimp would pass up in favour on something more dignified.

Oh well, back to Henry Bucks for some more tweedy bondage gear.

This morning, I'm looking quite dapper in my Crows polo shirt and trackky pants and ugh boots. Quite the stylist if I do say so myself.

An SA trendsetter, I'm sure.

Sounds like the sort of crap that has been blocking the shelves over here for two years, but it doesn't really affect me, when it comes to fashion I'm down with Johnny Cash and Henry Ford.

Go to Rivers seconds, buy a heap of stuff, put them in a cement mixer for a while, and then wear to your heart's content.

Hey presto - an individual sense of style. Goes well with a mullet too.

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