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Sure they can - but no one is going to tell anyone about it. Who is going to release a press statement that their pet cause is over funded. All those stories in the link are press releases. No 'journalist' did any digging to find out that there was 13% less than their 'should' be for schools or whatever. Some advocate hands it to them and out the story goes.

I sort of meant EVERY government body seem to be underfunded. So do we just raise taxes?

Everyone and everything is UNDERfunded - because we could all use more. Raising taxes to try and obviate this won't solve the problem - and will lead to my job underfunding me. Not good.

Maybe government bodies can do what I do when there's a shortfall of readies - spend less.

It's possible to be antidisestablishmentarian; but can one also be prodisestablishmentarian?

If it's a public institution, fair bet that it is overfunded, except for the people living large off it, in which case it is grossly underfunded.

In the case of schools, I'd say they are misfunded. For example money spent on feel good anti-bully, multi culti, healthy eating programs and the like could be better spent on actually teaching kids maths, science and english.

I want more.

Institute of Sport is over funded.

Where are you getting $2 for the Crows? Best I've seen is $1.90.

I reckon $1.50 for Goodes to finish in the top 5 of the Brownlow is as good a bet as I've seen this year.

Prez: Two bucks is what the bookies were offering on Adelaide before the Melbourne game on Saturday. Madness! The Demons were always going to lose because they are soft and lose virtually every game they have to win against good sides.

Wish I had got on Neil Craig's boys rather than wasting my money on the Bulldogs by more than 39.5

I'm guessing you don't have much confidence your boys can knock off the Saints?

Put your money away or put it on the Saints, boys - it's '66 coming again, I can feel it. "Oh when the Saints, go marchin' in,..."

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