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The Season Three (1965) episode 'Mission To The Unknown' featured neither the Doctor nor any of the regular cast. The odd Dalek made an appearance, I believe, but that was about it.

'Doctor Who' is not necessarily an eponymous TV show. The main character is called the Doctor, not Doctor Who. He is called Doctor Who in one episode only, 'The War Machines' in 1966, in what is generally regarded as a bit of a gaffe. He did once sign himself Doktor von Wer, I believe, but the name of the programme owes itself to the mystery of the main character's identity, not to his name.

I'm a sad, sad man.

If I recall correctly, Blake's 7 went on for some time after Blake left.

Just reading the post again I can see how I might have been misinterpreted. Pretend I'm a sportsman taken "out of context". What I meant to imply was that while last Saturday's show was nearly all taken up with the trials and tribs of some young bloke having it off with a paving stone, the episode in particular, and the show in general is now pox.

And by the way, nuance aside, The Doctor as Dr Who is eponymous enough for me.

The only doctors I really watched were Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. Baker is "the" doctor as far as I'm concerned. I've hardly seen any episodes with the later doctors (I did watch a couple of the first new series episodes, can't even remember the actor who played him's name now.)

The previous bloke, Christopher Eccleston, looked like he had taken pills and spat a lot. The latest is David Tennant, he tries too hard.

I like the last guy, he was kind of cool.

Billie Piper is great. I'm not a purist so I don't have an attachment to the old Dr Whos.

I quite liked the last episode. It was a nice guying of the whole fan culture schmear that cult shows generate. A bit of meta doesn't hurt these days.

Here's a fun Dr Who anecdote.

I knew a woman who was A Dr Who Exec Prod during the Tom Baker years when he was drinking heavily, and so he would often turn up late and frequently fluff lines, forcing take after take.

She explained this did not go down well with the folks stuffed into hot, cramped Daleks for hours on end. So when you see an old ep with Tom Baker being jostled by Daleks, that was real method acting by the killer pepperpots.

Oh, and I still think Bill Nighy would make a classic Dr Who.

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