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Sandgropers are bagged for saying derr-bee instead of darr-bee, but are less famous for saying doo-er instead of dow-err.

Or maybe I just imagined that.

Speaking of dour ... Huddo and Gerard Healy calling a Norf Melbourne pre-season game some years ago. Referring to Adam Lange, who is now plying his trade with Swan Districts in the WAFL.

(Lange, playing half-back, pushes up to the wing, leads his opponent to the ball by five yards and proceeds to double fist the Sherrin across the boundary line in a move that would these days cost him a free kick for deliberately putting it out of bounds).

Huddo: Ball kicked up to the wing, Lange leads out to it .. oh .. and just fists it over the boundary line. Gee, he's a dour defender, isn't he Gerard?

Gerard: Well when you're five yards in front of your opponent and punch it out of bounds, I think that qualifies as dour, Huddo.

That's dour alright.

Pn reflection, I think I heard it on ABC TV's country coverage of the WAFL. (With Greatest Fights of the Century at half-time.) Maybe from George Grljusich, Dennis Cometti, Ken Casellas, Ken Armstrong; one of those faces, anyway. Wally Foreman? Me and my brother and dad used to think it sounded funny.

I seem to recall that Wally (mis)pronounces it that way ...

SINCERE condolences to YBF.
Life is full of those weird coincidences.
My friend Jack had son Daniel on 9/3 his 34th birthday,
Daniel had his son on 9/3 when HE was 34.

"They are The Best time for catching up with old friends."

I'll say. At a funeral about a year I caught up with an old girfriend and after the wake and we ended doing some very life affirming stuff that night. Although at one point she said she felt funny about the funny business we were up to. I pointed out she used to bonk the recently deceased (Yes, before he was deceased. A decade ago. You people have vile minds) and no doubt he would have wanted it this way. To which she replied, no he liked this way, and proceeded to demonstrate. Strange night.

And I've been made executor of a (living) friend's will on the proviso I strictly enforce his request that the music to played as the pall bearers lug him out is "Popcorn".

He was inspired by Peter Sellars' request that Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" be played at his funeral service.

You people have vile minds ...

Indeed we do Nabakov, now as you were saying ... ?

Typically, guys seem to link everything (including death) to AFL.

I hate funerals. Boring as shit unless the person being commemorated was someone I didn't really like.

Funerals should be fun. A celebration of the deceased’s life, but at most funerals I get insanely angry. People seem unable to tell the truth after someone’s death, and particularly at their funeral. The display of hypocrisy by the media after Steve Irwin’s death is an example.

I remember at the funeral of a friend of mine the brother of the dead guy started talking about how nice the guy was and how he never hassled anyone. Bull fucking shit. It was the hilarious insults the deceased hurled at people that made him the guy he was and that was one of the reasons I liked him. But his brother described someone else.

Anyway that is why I avoid funerals.

I think it depends on the funeral. For example, whether the death was expected or not and the age of the person who has died.

I'm wondering if people have chosen their funeral song. A good friend of mine (gay as all f**k) wants "Quiet please, there's a lady on stage".

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