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In this day and age, do we really need someone on the sidelines to faithfully relay the lies they get told by each club's medical staff?

Or inform us that at quarter time the coach said "Get ball. Kick goals." Followed by a pointless attempt to interview an assistant coach:

~~ "Big effort this quarter?"

~~ "Yep."

~~ "Good luck."

as he runs back to the box.

That's what I like about the local WAFL coverage on the ABC. Not only does the entire crowd wander on at the breaks to listen to the coach address the players, but then the boundary guy grabs the coach and has a 3-minute interview before play restarts. It's all wonderfully relaxed.

Is the boundary guy Rod Willett? I saw him doing some pretty low-rent gear at half-time at Claremont Oval when the Monts played East Perth about six weeks ago.

I would gladly support a ban on boundary riders if it meant no more Christie Malthouse and Tony Jones (although I suppose "Tones" is f**ked now Nine have lost the coverage)

Don't mind perving on Tiff though.

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