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Who's sherbet? I'm assuming I've never heard of them because they're shit, but that's besides the point. Or is it?

And does anyone think that Idol is actually about talent? The only show with less is Big Brother.

Sherbet - crap Aussie band from the 70s.

Whilst staying with friends with kids in Perth in 2003, I was forced to watch one Idol episode. That this shit rates is proof enough the telly watching majority are mindless imbeciles.

Angry Anderson was "memorable".

But almost in a so bad it was good way. Almost. Anything so bad it was good is still very bad.

AC/DC yes, but only if they dig up Bon Scott, never been keen on that Johhny come lately they have singing for them now.

Stevie Wright?

Rolf? He seems to be engaged in a resurgence of stature these days.

For the love of god not Farnham.

Sigh, and still not a Victorian in sight.

Sherbet and JPY are getting a run? Oh lordy. Mark Holden's going to perform as well, I just fuckin' know it. Aw, this is bullshit.

Angry Anderson might have been bad during the 1991 GF, but we were worse.

I'd like to see some kind of "Commentator Idol" for the entertainment.

Get Huddo, Dennis, Quarters, Bruce, Tim Lane etc to undergo a series of tasks and the crowd and viewers can vote for the winners via SMS.

Winners get to call the GF.

Hell you could even do it with the boundary riders as some kind of sideshow.

I think the highest rating GF entertainment ever would be Tiffany Cherry and Miss Malthouse in 'Nipplegate 2'.

Hmmm, channel ten.. what a shame they 'let' Bert go to Sir Eddie's shack or they could have saved themselves a bundle by just forcing Moonface Newton to streak right on the siren

The Seekers? I'd settle for Athol Guy and Rolf Harris.

Half time entertainment?

Freddy Negro and The Fuck Fucks with a giant Footy Mouth roaming the aisles and abusing the punters, followed by a ceremonial parade of celebrity blondes in convertibles driving over Sam Newman's legs.

Failing that something "up" like Dead Can Dance with a bunch of "Strictly Dancing" entrants.

Apropos of Angry Anderson, someone once described him as a roll on deodourant with tatts. But not to his face apparently.

Actually "Commentor Idol" is a damn good concept Mr President. And what with all the SMSing, it'll pay for itself too.

Nabakov!!! You're hired! Outstanding!! My people will call your people!! Go Pies!!

I've said it before, but they should have Dave Warner do Half Time at the Football at half time.

Spoken word sampling, too. With massed laptops.

For half-time entertainment I'd like to see Sherbet, John Paul Young and Guy Sebastian wrestling a crocodile, in loving memory of Steve Darwin.

After long consideration thinking up some wonderfully witty rejoinder all I can come up with is - I agree.

I once had a girlfriend who watched the Grand Final pre-match with me and then left because she found football less interesting. We broke up that night.

The pre-games were diabolical in both 1987 and 2000. I don't even remember what they did in 1987. But both years were better than the game.

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