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It's just the older way, not the correct way...I suppose older people may have more chance to use it in everyday conversation......

Yeah, I suppose so. Still, it's got flac' cid - (ks) as the pronounciation in my dictionary.

I won't dis your dictionary.

Don't give me flak, Sid.

Best use of "DIC! - tion" in a song:

I knew it musta been some big set-up.
All the Action just would not let up.
It's just a little bit back from the main road
where the silence spreads and the men dig holes.
I start to spin the tale
you complain of my DIC! - tion

You Give Me Friction

But I Dig Friction

You Know I'm Crazy About Friction

Television, by the way.

So I guess next time you won't be flumoxed.

My mum (who was very snooty) always hated "Skedule", saying it should be "shedule", but my dad who only went to Our Lady of the Bleeding Strap used to say it depended on which shool you went to.

Only when I'm doing a crocksword, F ... X.

Oz: I take it your dad had dinner for lunch and tea for dinner.

There's a fraction too much diction.

I just had a look at that song's lyrics. What a load of nonsense.

Actually I re-googled and found this discussion.

"It occurred to me, in thinking about this poll, that if the older pronunciation of flaccid were still widely used, then flaccident would be a tremendous neologism in this age of Viagra. Then I learned that someone beat me to it. "

That flaccidental link is good too.

Did you know a flaxident is also when you slip over on linseed oil?

I thought it was one of the theories about the colonisation of Australia.

What? You mean how Australia's economy rode on The Don's bat?

What caused the raising of the word 'flaccid' with you and Boynton anyway?

I have been using Flaccidus Minimus as a general insult term since seeing Life of Brain.

I will adjust my pronunciation accordingly.

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