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I'll fix you up a treat, mate!

See what happens when you diss the Scots. Everyone is affraid to associate with you.

You may as well steal beer off a maori.

Who is this Boynton of which you speak?

Someone who rarely has a name y'know.

Speaking of Cumberland: tonight was the 20th anniversary of the torched dismantling of the same and the phoenix that arose from those ashes - The mighty EELS! "If man is 5 , then the devil is 6 , then god is 7, god is 7!!!"

But drinking black tea IS hard, and I'll scalp the boabie that says otherwise.

Y'know, Pat, when I saw a stat in the paper today that Manly were minor premiers in 1983 with 22 wins, but didn't win the biggest game, I thought of you.

And Keiran, is it true what THEY say? YOU are Adam Hart-Davis.

Interesting that you should mention that Tone. Manly of course fell to the tri-champions Parra in the '83 GF.

Parra matched the Eagles in 2001 winning 22 games from 26 to go on and lose the unloseable Grand Final to the Knights - just like that unbackable '83 Sea Eagles team.

With the Storm notching up their 18th win tonight and 4 more games to go, I do believe that they are looking to be well on course to equalling Manly and Parra's achievements.

Long may your mozzing reign!

Arricchire la vita con un thè di qualità ,da gustare "sorso dopo sorso", usando tutti i sensi, condividendo questi attimi con gli amici , rappresenta la sintesi del benessere del corpo e dell' anima. i the Meria tchaba sono raccolti a mano ed i giovani germogli usati per intero mantengono i loro oli essenziali , risultando squisitamente aromatici .
Eleganti e preziosi cofanetti sono il giusto contenitore per un prodotto di eccellente qualità.
Meria tchaba è la prima ad utilizzare un sacchetto in fibra di mais , completamente biodegradabile , cucito a mano senza colle e graffette di metallo,il tutto per lasciare intatto il gusto, gli aromi e i profumi del nostro the.

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