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TT: "Geez mate thats a bit careless those eccy tabs are valuable - but hey thanks anyways"

Ixnay on the ycce.

Splendid. What's going on?

What we have here ...
is a failure ...
to communicate.

I never metta box I didn't like.

oh, superb

It's no wonder they couldn't help you.

You didn't even give them your address. I mean really, "Tigerland?"

Can't you just be serious for once?

Joysus, I've only been here a few years and know where Tigerland is. It's not difficult.

It's eccyay, since it starts with a vowel. /pedant

And arx. That shits me to tears. Especially Ernie Dingo saying it on a nationally televised ad. 'You will be arxed to fill out...'

Tigerland is easy to find. Take a left at Eddiewood and a quick right at Rabbitsford.

Can you give those directions in kilo mettas?

Tony, I had a Austpost bloke (after I'd handed him the Parcel card), scratch his balls - with card in hand.

Told him politely "I don't want that mate, you just been scratchin' ya fucken balls with it!! His boss pissing himself, says ok, we'll get you another."
I just wanted the package - sans cheese.

Metta? I mean, fetta?

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