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Hey Teach, you should get that gnome out of the dunny now the Dees are in third. Go Eags.

So you know about "They" too Tony, that Paul Reiser is a pretty funny guy.

As for the Dees - as a Kangas man I was ready to gloat to you yesterday afternoon but thought I'd hold off until three quarter time.


I wonder what "they" are saying about our latest little cricketing fiasco. Timely story Tone as I reckon the sub(in)continent sides will stay away from Hairsy like someone with a raging cold.

Takes the heat off Deano a little however...

Os: Eags = Certainties!

Prez: I may have met you half way. I had given up the Dees at half-time. And please don't equate me with Paul Reiser. I thought up that "joke" all on my lonesome. The only good thing Reiser ever did was get got by aliens.

Ads: It didn't take long. Already had half a dozen searches for darrell hair racism, etc.

A more measured approach: Darrell Bruce Hair controversies

Didn't mean to offend your ability to come up with original jokes.

I'm sure going for the Redlegs gives you a good grounding in humour (slightly behind Richmond and Geelong supporters, I'd say)

One of my best mates always says that the only team worse to barrack for than Melbourne would be Gee-Long. Their supporters have, in all probability, been driven mad.

Whereas Richmond supporters are merely feral.

How could Hair have done something so unprecedented? He's just Shakooring his fist at the noble Pakistanis and Rana-ing the game.

Taylor, stop mozzing, you bastard!

We laugh at your puny mozz. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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