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Is there, by any chance, a giant taxi rank in Rowville?

No, just lots of fights. It rhymes with how now fat cow.

I know, I know. It doesn't really, though.

Obviously not a proper talkback caller.

A real talkback caller would be Rowland from Rowville or Richard from Richmond, Glen from Waverly, Bruce from Box Hill, Bronwyn from Brunswick etc etc.

And a proper talk back caller would have said he was first time caller, long time listener, blah de blah blah blah

But what about talkback callers from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?

Allow me to speak on behalf of talkback callers right around the Australia. Bob from Rowville is a fraud. Any TB caller worth a pinch of it knows that it is drop dead easy to get through to SEN. Now AW - there's another story!

Vega on the other...they ring you!

SEN has a regular caller called Joey from Kangaroo Ground. I'm reasonably confident it's a gag. Reasonably.

Don't forget the callers who proudly claim "I've followed ______________ since 1961/since I was 5 years old/for 49 years." Thinking it gives them credibility.

Know the type well TT. "My mum and dad were listening to you when they were shagging and I have followed you since I was a zygote"

Callers to radio quizzes here in the land of rain tend to scream and giggle when they get through, scream and giggle when they are asked the question, then scream and giggle when they get the answer wrong.

Makes me wonder how we ever built an empire.

The worst callers to quizzes are the ones that immediately say "Can I have a clue?" when it's a super easy question. I don't know what burns me more, the fact they get wrong a doddle, or the fact they need a hint. Just get off, you pinheads!

Yeah I hate that clue bizzo by numbskulls.


"Sorry Tony drong-what? I think that was before my time - can I have a clue - I'll ask mum"

At least Delroy mostly has the grace dump them.

Del-Boy is far too tolerant with people who are obviously googling. At least Derek Geeeeeel and the guy above, Bruce Eva, say things like "I can hear you typing" which usually throws the caller.

I haven't any actual proof, but I reckon there'd be a lot of phone-googling at trivia nights, too. A few weeks ago, on one of the difficult 20 question sheets, a team of youngsters got 17 or 18 right with the next best being about 14. Very suss considering they ended up next-to-last overall.

youngsters. you are right to be suss. should be an age limit. get the local greens canditate on to it and introduce legislation. they look like getting balance of power in vic senate.

aah Tones Delroy and internet. Have I told you my story from years ago when we used to have a team on irc and used to ring Tones quiz. We ended up having a stoush with Tones. Pioneers we were.

Kangaroo Ground is out past Warrandyte.

Doesn't SEN have the same 6 people ringing in now all the time? Everyone seems to be on first name terms whenever I'm listening.

Google just makes the phone a friend lifeline in Millionaire a waste of time.

They should just award them 1 question for free and save everyone the wait.

Yeah, I know where KG is, Bruce. It's the Joey bit what's got me giggling. Joey + Kangaroo = joke. Ostensibly, anyway.

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