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I would take issue with this blog, but I'm not sure where I'd take it.

Does this blog have issue, anyway? I can hardly take any if it doesn't have any.

You forgot the Boom! Tish!

I went for a job interview once; fronted up to the blonde-at-the-front-desk called Amy (I don't know what she was really called, but they all seem to be called Amy).

TIM: Hi, I'm here for the job interview.

AMY: Take a seat.

TIM: *Picks up seat and walks to the door* Where do you want me to take it?

AMY: *Uncomprehending stare*

Before I forget ... BOOM! TISH!

That would be even funnier if the interview was at AAMI.

Rest assured I'll be lending my Lexus to an overseas Professor next time I get pinged.

Preferably a deadish one.

Just don't lend it to a NY Times art critic.

Lend it to me, I'd like to drive a Lexus. Or is it really a Lexen?

'Alibi' Einfeld' - I love it.

Points to Gareth too.

Often I pray for an interfering, just for a bit of a change

"I can only say that I reject any interference of wrongdoing."

Yeah? Well, I reject any inference of competence.

I DO drive a Lexcen!

Coupla hours till I find out whether I'm driving 12 hours to see the Eels play or just 45 minutes and running the gauntlet of a Bulldog pit. Come on Sharkies!!

Shit, damn and f*&$%! Games over. I'm driven to Melbourne.

Why do Einfeld's byzantine yet inept attempts to evade a $77 fine read like the plot of a Larry David sitcom? I think we are seeing a case of nominative determinism here.

Is nominative determinism the latin term for deadshitism?

No, it's when someone named Taylor works as a tailor, or someone named Rimmer has halitosis, or someone named Einfeld gets told "No soup for you!" every time he orders take-away food.

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