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Fuzzy vision must have made the journey home from Donc interesting?
Were the red-light cameras really on the blink?

Red lights?

You wimp, Tone... go for a full body Shiatzu massage. That's the most pain you can pay for outside hiring a dominatrix.

The groans of the people in the booths behind me weren't saying "This is fun".

I think you misheard. I'm sure she's always saying "T, you should get a your head read."

Or "T, you should get a red head."

A full body Shiatzu massage? What's that, rubbing the patient up and down with wriggling chinese terriers? I'll pass.

I doubt that last one somehow.

Somehow I mopped my brow with a chow chow.

Wriggling Chinese Terriers... mmmmmmm

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