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Was that face sheet an actual quiz round, or one of those poxy games they throw in to pass the time between rounds?

An actual quiz round. It made up 20 questions out of the 100.

#4 looks like Molly Meldrum from this angle.

I got about half.

Number 4 is The Poo, although I can see the Molly bit because he does look pissed.

Bloody hell, what a disgrace.

Love your work, Carna. I know! I know! We often complain about the dumbarse component of the nights, but the host does it as a sort of handicap for the good (serious trivia punters) teams. But it really buggers up me and Boynton. We're just a two man team - good man is that Boynton - and neither of us want anything to do with modern pop culture.

They could have done you a favour and shown the bare chests of celebrities. You may have still got zero (maybe one for Pammy Anderson)but it would have been better eye candy.

I think my team-mate would have disputed that.

A Carry On gag would be in order, but I can't think of any.

1 is Elle, 5 is Paris Hilton, 10 is Pammy Rock, 11 is Delta Goodrem Homewrecker, 13 is Posh Spice, 14 is Cate from MLC, 15 is Gwyneth, 16 looks like Elle again, 17 is Angelina Homewrecker, 18 is Liv Tyler, 20 is Jude Law.
I wish I didn't know any of that.

The Corner Hotel in Richmond has trivia nights with smart dumb questions written by blogger Scottish Dave.
The prize is a slab though.

Love the wine-attic photo.

1 is someone I've never heard of, not Elle. Elle is 16.

14 is Kate someone, but NOT Kate Hudson.

I thought 11 was Judith Lucy, but it is indeed Deltrum.

You are right on the rest, and thus right to be ashamed of yourself.

That wine-attic is my kitchen. Apparently wine tastes good when you lay it down to collect dust. Au Contraire. It tastes better standing up, covered in a layer of kitchen grime.

Takes me back to my pub quiz days. We accumulated a fair old stash of vodka, kept under the sink. My old dear nicked it for a church bring and buy sale just before I could use it to pay off an old monetary debt to a wino mate. All Smirnoff, too, none of the cheap crap.

I gave up on quizzes when they started cutting out the history and sport in place of Spice Girl specials.

It's certainly getting that way, Woody. Not just the Spiceys, either. Who the hell is Misha Barton? She's getting high rotation lately. As are far too many crappy TV tarts and boneheads.

Vodka's a good give-away. It's nothing but the choicest cheap wine here.

#12 is Gwen Stefani

What sort of person would wannabe a Madonna wannabe?

Can I also just say that the arrangement of the bottles is near identical to the line up in an old student flat I shared a long time ago. These were empty, though, the contents having found their way into the ample bellys of my two female flatmates. I only mention this because a friend of one of these ladies had flogged a story to the News of the World of her night of romance with Ryan Giggs. She got £4000 for it, and carried a copy of the centre spread about with her as some sort of badge of honour. As you would.

Wot a whinger - I told youse all he was.

It's TRIVIA - not brainiacs.

aah Tones - I just saw that pic of the booze. On reflection - I think some hacker just stole my keyboard over the internet and is running around typing nasty stuff on comments on blogs.

anyway tones - I just remembered you are off the slops and on the wagon. I could probably help you out, do you a favour, with taking that array of grog bottles off your shelf. Old chap. Buddy. Mate.

That IS your TOP shelf I assume?

Could you send me a high definition snap - I can't make out the labels to choose.

Least I can do.

So Tony is it Madonna or Gwen doing Madonna?

I think I know all of 'em except #1 and even that one is a 50/50.

If you need me in your team I want a cut of the winnings

Just in case you all think I'm bullshitting ya, in Reverse Order - Law, Beckinsale, Tyler, Jolie, Macpherson, Paltrow, Moss, Beckham, Stefani, Goodrem, Anderson, Actually I don't know #9, Spears, Electra, Miller, Hilton, Poo, Kournikova, Brooksby, Maybe Bingham if it a black fella.

This is all well fine and good, but where can I find that Chopper Read weather video I keep hearing about?

At least this lot are sort of famous. At our local, most of the pictures are of people on 'Coronation Street'.

I always get 10/10 on current affairs, and struggle with every other round. Pictures are bunkum - they don't test any knowledge whatsoever.

Picture rounds should be banned!!!

http://dilletante.tenpm.com.au/?p=238>My personal trivia night picture failure

Fucking Flowers!!!

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