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He should have said equestrian.

Did he really say 'pah'? He must be smart!

RT: He's not that smart.

Tim: No, not exactly. But I couldn't think of a way to spell the shruggy grumbly noise he made. Pwwerrr?

So - we're expected to know latin now - I thought this class was about elektrickly. Whatever. Will this latin crap be on the exam?

Only in the questions relating to electric horsemen.


What, you mean where eels swim?

You must the patience of a saint TT. I would have tied the little bastard to the back of my car and attempted an impromptu land speed record attempt

You should have told the McDonalds employee of the year 2015 that Paris Hilton equates to talentless, publicity-hungry slapper.

Both precise and contemporary.

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