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KARR scared me as a child...it was the pale yellow light voice instead of the red light voice that scared me the most. I don't even know what that means. Colour psychologists have a field day why dontcha


Er sorry wrong post.

Looks like the guy that used to sing for Talking Heads.

He seems like he's lying, doesn't he?

And, oh yeah, it puts the lotion on its skin!

He looks like Gary Numan and acts like Gary Glitter.

Here in my karr
I feel safest of all

Psycho Killer
Qu'est-ce que c'est
karr karr karr karr karr karr karr karr karr karr better

I was immediately suspiciominious when he fessed up to abducting the Beaumont kiddies the week after he despatched JonBenet Ramsey.

Where's your Ivan Milats - your honest just working for a crust psychopath when you need one?

Look, it was staring us in the face (and in the SMH) - Karrs are destroying the planet....one human at a time.

We need the JWFAC Milats of this world for their strange siblings. Like his womble-like brother Steptoe.

So many puns, Nick, so many puns.

Ok, I'm going out now, in my non-talking karr.

Has anyone else noticed that even 10 years later, Jonbenet still looked older when she died than her alleged killer does now? Judging from his appearance, I'm surprised that anyone suspected Mr Karr of having any interest in girls.

Crock Spider? At last I get one!

But down to business: this Union malarky is but a lawyers joke played in perpetuum (not to be confused with preputium which would be another thing entirely, though not so far off the mark).

A man, nay a behemoth approaching something somewhat akin to homo homo sapiens, approaches the ball on the ground from side on and not only plays at it, but then kicks it! followed up by another dark brother diving upon the ball. Heavens fucking forefend! Sin binning I say. No says the ref "Boys- its getting a little bit scrappy" and signals a scrum, Oz feed. For fucks sake - this things no jake!

Why do I watch it? Oh Why? Anguished crys from beneath this veil of tears rend the night sky. What thing who framed the tygers awful symetry could make these things who made a game so foul?

And can the Panthers (unlike the blighted Tyger) defend the working man's game and make up for the dusk's sins - time will tell.

28-26 - 5 mins to go _ COME ON PANTHERS!!!!!

28-32 - The Panthers live for another week. Now that's a game - and a half.

Jaysus H. Scrum-Half! Are you barracking in tongues?

I'm sure that picture above is Sam Ward being taken away after his video confession. Obviously he was allowed to wash, shave, comb his hair and tidy up a bit after the videocast.

Good news for you and your mozz Tone - the Storm were finally done,and at home, which ends the 22 wins in the regular season dreaded hoodoo. My finals analysis software is being recalibrated as I write.

Karr's confession was clearly obtained under duress. Just look at that vicious wedgie they gave him. I never would have guessed it was physically possible to pull up a pair of trousers that high.

Hair today, but gone tomorrow.

FXH, is it funny to go around comparing people to paedophile murderers now? I must have missed the comedy boat.

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