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How many letters may we use?

What price a vowel?

Oops. I cut off the letters bit. I'll tart it up when I get home. In the meantime you'll just have to use your imagination.

(I'm sounding like a teacher.)

On Orstayian sport, Jack Marx --- SMH blogger -- uncovered a pearler at Kilmore races last week. Scratched in race 3 were nos. 11 and 12, The Girlfriend, Wooden Swallow. No. 10 (not scratched) was Sticky Nose.

Batter is for fish suppers. Batsmen play cricket.

Slatts: Saw that. Were they fair dinkum horsies, or a cheeky gag?

Nick: Yeah, the batters bit was sad, but I was more concerned with the compiler having a pop at our appealing.

PS: Who has fish suppers? That sounds dodgy to me.

There you go. (6) letters which make up a word that is probably not please.

Just checked our vast resources, Tone. Dinkum.

Surprised it got past the Racing Authority scrutineers. I thought they were pretty diligent when it came to suss names.

For some reason Mars Incorporated has never taken up the suggestion I once made to it to register purple and yellow as the silks for a horse called "Whiskas". It's what I called an incentive-based approach to horse training. And hey if it's good enough for a footy player it's good enough for the sport of kings.

On yeah, and the answer to the original post question is "Zapnut!"

Fish suppers are in vogue in Scotland, which also has the highest rate of heart disease (and batter) in the world. And the answer, if it has 6 letters, is .... Morgan! (usually followed by a groan and a sotto voce 'you blind old bastard')

It works just as well with DAARRR!

And Bowden. Funny about that.

Six of the worst.

Nick: Yeah, the batters bit was sad, but I was more concerned with the compiler having a pop at our appealing.

The batters matter was my only concern.
Maybe the batter's for Anzac Cookies?

Batter or butter? One is better. Both is fatter.

Batter Billy Bowden? That's appealing. Butter Billy Bowden? That's sick.

Pity Sepp Blatter's not an umpire.

Blatter up! Australia down.


We're talking about umpires, so "maggot" fits.

You're right, it does! Now how come we never call the cricket umpires maggots?

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