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As a teacher myself, that's easy:
Move the class to the Resource Centre, and leave the problem for the next class! Of course, you can never get a booking at our RC, so we'd end up wandering the oval - but at least the air would be fresher. At this time of year, it's pretty dismal out there, so I'd hope it's not a double!

Actually, I could have moved the class to a spare room, but the cleaner was on the spot toute suite. It was a liquidy, splashy affair, too, so it was easy to clean up.

Spudents. Ho ho.

Do they still put sawdust on puke in schools, Tone?

DJ: oh oh.

Caz: I'd forgotten about that. So, I suppose, no. The cleaning lady was there in no time with a bucket and some sponges and chemicals.

Thanks for the memories, Tony.

Chux are made for these very occasions.

The first thing you should do is inspect the vomit pool for food from the school canteen. The second thing you should do is start to panic if you had your lunch there.

Does he have a girlfriend? You could call her Bride of Chucky.

Thanks, TC, we aim to please.

It was a Red Bull and cordial business, Wickers. Or the green, watery slime means he's an alien.

Tsk, Tsk, Tim. That gag is child's play.

aliens drink red bull & cordial?

that WOULD explain the taste...

Of the cordial or the Red Bull?

My immediate course of inaction?

'Gardiner, have you been on the piss again?'

Get worried if there were no peas and carrots featuring heavily, and then exit for the oval. And... UPCHUCK is irretrievably more disgusting.

Year 12... final week before grad.

Sitting in Accounting after quite a large night on the fizz the night before, and I don't recall if it was because my Consolidated Profit & Loss for Whatchamacallit's Fangdanglers Pty Ltd showed a big loss or not, but I "took ill" all of a sudden.

Unlike your story Tone I had a happy ending as our class was next to the dunnies. Came back into class pretending to wipe my mouth saying "Needed that bog"

Juvenile I know, but the most memorable Accounting class I ever went to...

Kill it. If it's vomiting then it's obviously weak and won't make it in the real world. Serves as a great example to the rest of the class.

That depends on (a) if it was a girl; and (b) if you were deep-throating her at the time. Not to call your professionalism into question or anything.

Actually, cancel (a).

"ok - anyone else need to make a statement?"

Almost, FX:

"ok - anyone else need to make a statement? Well, grab a bucket first."

5. Say "Lick it up or you're expelled, worm!"

After all, there's children starving in Africa.

"Anybody else want a turn on the electrodes? Thought not. Guess you'll all be paying bit more attention in class now, right?"

And "up chuck" is definitely more disgusting. It's a stronger reminder of how your gorge actually physically rises during such uplifting moments.

Sigh. Ohh, for the good old days.

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