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Don't they usually just shoot villainous scrotes around your way?

I've often wondered what happens now that Sensis is trying furiously to wean us off paper phone books and onto their website. Do coppers use notebook computers as tools of persuasion now?

Or perhaps one of those old IBM keyboards made out of steel.

"Don't they usually just shoot villainous scrotes around your way?"

I gather it's SOP in Vic.

We'll put our villains, scrotes and toerags up against your villains, scrotes and toerags any day. We'll even put up our low-level faces.

I'll take the blender.

I'll have the TV. It'll be worth a fortune in two hundred years time. Just you wait and see.

What was he breaking into, the Victorian Museum of dodgy 20th Century appliances?

Villainous scrotes just aren't what they used to be. Consider, if you will, the thugs and hoodies of today to the black-hearted cads and utter bounders of yesteryear.

There's simply no comparison!

Was he wearing the obligatory tracksuit and trainers? A sure sign of guilt if he was.

Wow, a Kenwood! You get a better class of street crap than us.

So the cops these days don't say:

"You're nicked sunshine"

and the "villian" doesn't say:

"fair cop guv'"?

From the look of the 'malefactor' or from the look of his 'male factor'? Shall we buy you tickets for the Dreamboys for Christmas?

Is the swag still there now TT? I ask only out of idle curiousity as I place the hamster in his wheel to whip up a nice fluffy omelette for dinner and adjust the coathanger-based broadcast interface for my home entertainment system.

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