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Yes, I know. But it's Anfernee's first BLOG, as opposed to someone else's.

I think.

I caught a bit of Deb in the car - she's certainly on the ball and sharply witty and seemed to lack the usual american movie star gush and schtick.

I'd have to agree regarding Rose - the best seasons of Doc Who always had an engaging assistant, and Rose is such a lass in spades. Having watched the second (new) season in it's entirety, I'm sad to report that she leaves in the last ep. [That's not a spoiler - even the local TV guide reported that]

FX: Yeah it wasn't bad and Debbie still was able to raise a chuckle out of me. And to be perfectly honest, while Tezza was being a suck, it was excusable in the circs, DR being a bit of a legend and all.

TM: It would have been easy to take a pot shot at the claim, but thinking about it, it became apparent that none of the others sidekicks stood out as a being better.

Anfernee is a fine and upstanding gentleman of long blogging heritage... but I'm not sure why he's using a telstrablog of all things.

I thought I taught him better then that :|

surely mark taylor is bottom of the popularity polls.
the man is a damnable fool who is a master at pointing out the obvious or repeating what other more perspicacious commenters, including greig, have already said.
ian healy isnt much better and dont get me start on simon O'Donnell.
yep yep yep yap

Apparently Warnie has about 1000 poll votes locked up (or 999 if you count his wife).

ps Good to see that the strongest mozz campaign of recent times - the MSM vs the Crows - has done its job.

Nice get with Terry Lane hoax.

re "Terry Lane is slurpishly sucking up Debbie Reynolds:" -

one of my favourite movie moments is (her daughter) Carrie Fisher screaming at Warren Beatty in Shampoo " I am NOT like my mother".

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