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Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole.

Viva Jonathan Richman.

There were some pretty sophisticated-lookin' couponistas in the crowd. The coolest seemed to wait until the last moment before revealing their freebie/herald-sun shame at the counter. Whereas I was quite happpy to brandish my coupon as we snailed around the queue. Free is good.

Sophisticated? They were beanies, not berets.

Not much to say on the yarts, I see.

... and Justice Whatsaname awarded the art to Teflon Gary.

Gaz has a past history of cheating FRIENDS out of money (email me for names and details).
Breathtakingly impressive really.
Dunno how he survives.
The H-Sun really has it in for him and I think it must be connected to his pursuing the police over the infamous Tasty Club Bust.

and 'Onya Boynton' for "quite happy to brandish my coupon as we snailed around the queue. Free is good"

- ... since paying the rack rate only enables NGV 'curators' to aquire $7m art collections - Arse Bandits indeed.

... many of which we enjoyed seeing (Or is that viewing?)

I think the correct term is "assimilate".

Imagine the Musée Picasso's surprise when the pictures are shipped back and they find they have an extra Weeping Woman in their collection.

"and Justice Whatsaname awarded the art to Teflon Gary"


Sounds like the kinda guy that would follow you into a revolving door and come out first.

The painting was actually purchased (to avoid something - tax? cap gain? I dunno) in the name of an (as yet publically) un-named ex-partner of GS (GS is in Italy celebrating his 50th birthday). GS is a complete swindler from way back.

One day GS will get his name in the papers for something other than dodgy practice. One day.

Actually Jonathan Richman was wrong about that:

CLIVE: He paints his knob different colours then photographs it and sells it to other people.
DEREK: Yeah, dirty fucking cunt!
CLIVE: The fucker. So I said, "You know what I call you, Mister Picasso?"
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: I said, "I call you 'Mister Pick-Arsehole' .....
DEREK: Right! Fucking hell.
CLIVE: ..... 'cause as far as I'm concerned you take shit out of other people's arseholes, shove it on the canvas and sell it to other cunts."

Now that's what I call High Art that doesn't require coupons for its proper appreciation.

Dirty little arsehole.

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