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I watched the first few Wedges and got a few laughs. It had lots of potential but seemed to pull back quickly into that genre of lame Australian sketch "comedies" with no edge especially on commercial channels we've all got used to avoiding.

About that pic - nothing to get frightened about - "It's a mere cat"

A few Wedges for a few laughs is roughly a few more laughs than I got, FX. Give or take the odd laugh.

chaser is easily best show on telly, but you gotta take the bad with the good. example of the latter: when they dressed up as an american tourist and walked around in the lucas heights reactor unchallenged, then dressed up as arabs and tried it... or when they went to parliament house dressed as a knight and tried to go through the metal detector, or when they got hold of the nokia promotional car, or when they played soccer in the telstra shop with melons... it's a pisser.

Maybe it's just me, old fart and all, but prank-TV is just not my thing.

I thought there was one early interview with Howard on the morning walk that worked and I liked the dressed up chorus and the no smoking thing - but I'm with tones - the prank stuff is generally a lame genre.

now Alun Funt - those were the days.

Funt - now, THAT is funny!

The Wedge makes Comedy Inc look hilarious.

bring back Norman Gunston!!

he's like andrew denton and eddie izzard rolled into one, but doing it all live on the streets with no script.

FXH, say what you like, but there's nothing mere about that cat. I wouldn't like to come across it in a dark alley, late at night ...

"Not you again!"

~~ Lee Marvin on seeing Norman Gunston approaching him.

That's more credit to The Killer Marvin, than it is to Gary McDepressing, who is a bastard when not being Norman.

And I LOVE meerkats.

A friend has an 8 year child who said that the Wedge IS the funniest show on TV. There's the target audience right there.

I must admit the footage of The Chaser at the Bulldogs ground was friggin hilarious

There was a gag on a sketch show here in Britain on a similar theme.

You see a bloke in a raincoat and balaclava pouring petrol onto a dog kennel, and the bloke behind the camera asks him what he's doing.

'Well, I'm a human rights protester. I've been inspired by the animal rights protesters, who basically kick the shit out of humans to draw attention to the plight of animals, so I thought I'd torture a few animals to raise the profile of human rights abuses around the world'.

Thought that was pretty good, myself.

That sounds like a proper sketch, Steve. Not just some goons screaming at animals.

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