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Boynton knew Britney, I knew Williams. The blanks were 17 squealing girls and/or whining boys. It's hard to tell one noise from another these days.

WANK!!! Thats not an instruction for you lot to start shaking hands with the unemployed, just one word to describe mr Blunt

And an almost appropriate word it is, too, Vaughny. Almost. Wank is too good for Blunt.

Jame's blunt.





Hang on. You saw him on Parkinson? Michael Parkinson? The chat show? Do you get that in Australia? What must you make of the guests? For every Tom Cruise there's a Richard and Judy.

Like you said: Shouse.


Miracle worker http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2006/06/21/1150845216553.html

The thing with being woken from a coma by a James Blunt song is you run the risk of the patient killing themselves within a minute of waking.

The CD must be turned off at the first twitch of an eye.

I take it James Blunt is rhyming slang? His real name is probably Marmaduke Turd or something. But I don't see why he's better or worse than any other excresence who brown-nosed a music industry exec during the last 40 years or so for a shot at the big time. There's a reason why "Top of the Pops" was cancelled in the UK after 42 years, and you can't blame it entirely on James "Mike" Hunt.

Hahaha. You're with all of my office on that one Tone, and they're all Poms except for me! The merest suggestion of "You're Beautiful" makes as all rush to the rayjo to change the station and/or put on a cd. There was a period when it was played a good four or five times a day no matter what station we played. *Shudder*

It is truly, truly awful stuff. I'm sure someone's making a lot of money out of it though. They'll have it on their conscience when they meet their Maker mind you, and I don't envy them that!

Some people might say that James Blunt is an 'idiolect'. They're have right.

Some people might say that James Blunt is an 'idiolect'. They're half right.

I suspect James Blunt made my cat's teeth fall out. Only wish I could prove it.

Well, I think that's pretty conclusive. Except for who Richard and Judy are; why Carrot listens to Blunt-friendly radio at work; and how ba must he be to appeal to five year old girls.

The girl only came out of that coma to scream "Get that shit off!!!"

Feisty little coma girl wanted her Hi-5.

That's the obvious conclusion to draw, but I suspect otherwise. It was his illegitimate daughter and she was paid to say what she said. It's a scam.

One word? Leosayer.

Bah! I like Leo Sayer. Well, Just A Boy, anyway. And I don't mind the ads he's doing at the moment. At the moment. As always with ads, it's the repetition. Even "A little bit of spring for ... Jesaulenko."


As usual people have been told they should like something so they are even though it's utter mince. You'll never go wrong writing soppy lovesong wankfests and rubbish that can be sung in drunken 5am phonecalls.

My dentist put on the Blunt in Concert DVD on while I was getting a filling done. I told him I'd rather hear the drill. He kept it on though and was horrified to see the number hotties mouthing the words. Bluntie must be getting soooo much sex right now.

Has there been a lower point in modern music?

Kasey Chambers (but only just). I would have said Tammy Wynette, except that she was so bad she was actually good (a bit like Abba or Rolf Harris). What James Blunt needs is songs that are even more truly excruciating.

Doesn't it frighten you that not only are children being concieved to Blunt, but that the people who listen to him and think it's profound are allowed to breed in the first place?

Jackal: Succinctly put.

1.0: My 5am calls usually contain obscure reggae, weird 60s rock/psych and traces of background conversation.

Russ: I'd stab him with the drill.

Ken: That Chambers song for the 2003 Rugby WC was truly, viciously, irredeemably horrid. That she gets any sort of attention is testament to Straya's lack of talent.

1.0: I could say something profound, too, like "It takes all kinds". Bugger that! Pass the surgical implements.

James Blunt is good. I have his music on my ipod and I listen to it at McCafe, so fuck youse all.


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