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A poll is a beast without horns. As in Black Poll.

It's also the blunt end of an axe head. You know, the back bit wot don't do the chopping, but does the squashing.


I'm considering calling the pollice.

Oh, poll-eaaase.

I hate Graham Poll the footie ref from England, you may see him in this World Cup.
Can I ask Poll-itly to stop the crap play with words?

i thought polls were for hitting people with

Yes, I'm sick of polls. My opinion is my own business, and if I wanted to know what other people thought, I would read their blogs.

I love the people that txt/phone up to register a 'Dont Know' opinion. Why, oh why, are you eligible to vote?

They're 1902 numbers and average call costs are 55c. It must be the easiest revenue supplement in the world. People are paying to vote "don't know". The mind boggle.

We should set up pay-to-comment regimes. SMS your comment to 19XXXXX for it to appear. It would only work if you started discussing Big Brother or some other bollocks as I'm sure your normal readership wouldn't pay to vote in a pink fit.

1902 AGB - Who is your favourite character from Once Upon a Time in the West?

That might work. Might not work, too.

My Fave character from OUATITW is the mexican general on the train who eats a raw egg in one of the extreme closeups we love Leone for, and all the other characters.

re polls: they do it to see what muck attracts us so they can sling more of it up to us.
eg: newspapers online - why do you think they let us read for free? because they note which item we click on first (see 'Top 10 reads' at the bottom of the home page of any of them).
I make a point of ignoring subs like "Logie actor stabs Bishop at Government House' to click first on Bill Leak or Michelle Grattan.

oh aren't ya sorry you asked?

sounds like the nation has gone to the polls


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