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I wonder if they'll have to keep all the plates and crockery on chains.

He's right. I've got no cause for comparison having never lived anywhere else (though London was the only place where anyone ever just walked up to me in the street and offered me gear) but Melbourne has absolutely lost it - the CBD is smackhead central.


He just had someone do the market research and tell him Australia was the only bunch of english speaking idiots who'd accept his Ralph-lite schtick and cough up the readies for another lame predictable psueds cooking show by a wanker who thinks using fresh vegetables and stir fry is somehow "modern" and "radical" and who doesn't even wash his hands when cooking.

He should fuck off back to (s)limey land and condescend to tuck shop ladies and 8 year old fuckwits in primary schools.

We are culturally bankrupt if a lisping pommy shirtlifter can roll into town and even get interviewed, let alone read.

I'm with FXH, this bloke can't cook. He's nearly as bad as that former fat cunt with the funny braces.

I take it "jacking up" has a different meaning in Old Blighted? If Bernard King had seen multiple kids jacking up in the street, he would have offered them candy to repeat the performance back at his place.

what's a shirt lifter?

soccer players are shirt-lifters - just watch when they score a goal

Like this? Pass the balsamic vinegar, boyth.


Here you go -



You are wicked. But very amusing.

Second definition, first entry -


"An indecisive Australian Rules football player"

Who would have thought?

Last time I was in Melbourne, near the corner of Russell and Bourke street, I had three different desperate looking blokes come up and ask if I was Jason. This Jason bloke must be popular.

That's odd, Slatts. Happened to me, too, several months ago - and I look nothing like you.

Truly, Jason is all things to all people!

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