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You mean you've managed to hide your identity for all these years mate ?? You're in the wrong profession, you should be involved in covert operations for the government. Unless you already are of course...

I was in a bit of a reverse situation once, Tony. I wrote a post about a ridiculous piece of uni assessment and my tutor casually mentioned, as I handed it in, that she'd found it on the net and read it. Luckily she was just as disgusted with the nature of the assignment as I was so I think it actually helped my mark.

Brett: Shhhh!

Ed: I left a response at your site. It is the business, too. An absolute zinger. Really.

Are you still allowed to throw dusters at students ?

When deserved, of course.

No such luck, Gav. Sadly, teaching has been reduced to pining for the good old violent days.

I'd be surprised if they even have dusters in the modern-day classroom.

I bet Tony hurls his laptop at people who talk through his power-point demonstrations.

I apologise for the spelling of Power Point in the previous post. I am infatuated with the hyphen. Alas, the hyphen spurns all my approaches.

Phew, that was a close call! Just imagine, if they'd caught you, you'd never be able to mention the spratchlings again without them whinging about their rights being abused or some such . . .

Tim: It's all whiteboards now. And there's a whole world of technology out there: IF YOU REQUIRE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PLEASE CALL ... .

Steve: Dunno what I'd do if students started reading my blog. But the chances are there'd be a shit load of anonymous comments to delete.


Wonder what Ros Kelly's doing these days.

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