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They should get Dick Cheney over to hunt out that fucking bear. Hopefully the bullets that miss hit those 3 dicks.

They manufacture shirts like that now. No actual shirt underneath, just sleeves made out of a different fabric sewn on.

Um, so I'm told.

Nothing to do with the above blog Tony, but I fully expected something relating to your comeback against Japan in Germany yesterday

Three dicks who chuck the red sock ...

Now there's a phrase you wouldn't want to mispronounce. Maybe I've been struck with a sudden case of dyslexia, but when I first glanced over this post, I thought, 'Bloody hell! that TonyT's being saucy today!'

I must admit that I always think of beastiality when I see that advert. Like, what's next? Flogging fizzy drinks with vodka to young nubiles and the chicks turn up with a female green sheep and all the blokes go apeshit for the bah bah.

No Inzed jokes please.

Those guys go to the Smoko Van to look like they're one of the lads, buy a Four n Twenty, then sneak off back home to watch Judge Judy. Cancerous Polyp on the Anus of Australia, the lot of 'em.

It's the bear that shits me the most. That arrogant swagger, the voice that is equal parts sneer and stupidity ... bloody hell, I know the type.

As hideous as it sounds I'd rather have a rum with the bear than any of the three humans.

The bear should just eat them and be done with it.

If I'd ever seen the ad you're talking about I'd have a smartarse comment to make. But. No.
OTOH I'm having a hard time stopping myself from walking up to young girls with fur coats, scarves, ugg boots and warm trousers but with their kidneys and belly exposed to artic winds and telling them they'll catch a cold or something.

my mummy raised me to be a good & true Brunsroy trendoid, and I'm damned confused as to what I was doing in a Bundy ad anyway. Isn't rose making a comeback?

Rose Hancock? Hope not.

Rose auditioned for the role of the red sock. Passed it, too. Look closely next time, that's not dye, it's rouge.

I bet Rose's drop of choice is, indeed, rosé. Mateus, or maybe Coolibah casks.

the carlton draught big-ad was a superb use of the fake yobbo in a beer commercial. I say fake yobbo because they all looked like demis roussos - arguably worse than tshirts on the outer.

It's wonderful what you can do with a yobbo and some classical music.

Lucky me to escape seeing these vile ads.
While you are squirming, we get farm products ads on Regional TV - mainly for all the evil chemicals they stuff your meat dinners with; and if you saw them, you wouldn't eat it.

When you mentioned a fake bum, I thought you meant some kind of pink plastic arse.

Me to SO the other night, watching ad in question:

"That bear shits me. If they're trying to make him look cool-and-hip, why are they making him say "fellas"? No one of any intelligence says "fellas"."

SO; "Ummmm, do you notice you are criticising the bear's choice of words, but you have no problem at all about the fact there are people in a pub with a giant talking bear?"

I had to admit he had a point.

Like I said, Helen. Talking pink bear - good. Fake yobbos talking rubbish to a talking pink bear - bad.

Fake bum?

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