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Where the hell did you find such a travesty? I think we should picket the place.

High Street, East Kew. It's a good cake shop, BUT!

A travesty ... who ever heard of ANZAC muffins before, anyway?

Tone, dunno if you ever made it out to New Nausea when you were here, but that's a monastery out there producing a quite nice fruit loaf which, ounce-for-ounce, is slightly cheaper than Sterling silver. Linked photo is actual size.

I don't know if there's an actual convent associated with those "Anzac Cookies", but the price looks a little low for that to be the case.

They look like the useby date could be sometime in 1915.

made me think of cookie from a country practice.

Something to chew on along the Kokoda Trail?

Indeed. A rancid distortion that just doesn't track.

Watching the Australia v Italy game combined with many stubbies, pizza, nuts and bombay mix resulted in an emergency on the par 3 3rd hole of Malvern V alley Golf Course last Tuesday. As I felt the bears nose emerge I made a run for it toward the mens at the club house. I didn't make it and took the crouch position in the semi-rough of the par five first. The reult...Anzac Day muffins.

It's probably a typo. I think they meant say ANZUS Cookies.

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