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Or get some dogs and cats and to teach the students animal magnetism.

Not sure about that. The cats and dogs might polarise opinion.

You're on fire?

So the question is: who would piss on you?

Saviors - they are are lining up. At least I think they're saviors.

Put them in a room of topless waitresses and teach them titration.

If you rubbed a magnet over a goths face, would it become magnetised? The goths face, I mean, not the magnet.

no concept of magnetism bah.

I know what pauli would do from Fat Pizza. Get some hot chicks in thongs up there doing lap dances and rubbing their boobs in the guys faces - then they'll understand magnetism - of a sort.

Their dicks willpoint due north their arses south and there you go.

"Will this be on the exam Tones"?

Off-topic - where's your RSS feed?

Ummm ... in the kitchen? What's RSS feed?

there's a field gag in there somewhere but it seems too easy.

We don't want to milk the classics dry.

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