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Given their price, I'd take her on just for the bananas.
But then, you know what THEY say: No bones in bananas.

They say that to all the middle-aged teachers.

Your flies are undone Tony. Happens to me all the time.

Start a branch in Oz.


Are you sure they're bananas and not hot plantains? There's a world of difference, you know.

Tummy bananas?

Or hot bananas frittered away.

Go ahead, take those bananas.

You bastard.
I wish I was handsome.

she li sossi ro 2

From the wording in this post, I deduce that it's the daughter who is running the store, and the mother who is the schoolgirl. Those Vietnamese!

Hey, tell me I'm wrong.

There is something about young Vietnamese women in bakers that does make them cute.

In my case, its the way they curl their lips as I order another dozen sausage rolls and manoever my swollen body out the door.

If only my footy mates could see me now.

I've got you pegged as a right thug on the field, David. "White Line Fever" Tiley sounds about right.

Don't try to deny it.

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