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B a l l a r a t

T w o - u p

C i r c l e

Possibly almost corect

The A Team!

...oh! That's a military stockade from the Los Angeles Underground. Very similar. Sorry!

I love it when a p ... naaaa, I'm sick of that phrase.

It's bad enough that he was a 100 years out. Even worse, he used the Americanised "organization" instead of the British "organisation".

Agreed. An utter dizgrace.

maybe he gets his info from the local rag

I am from ballarat, beaut spot.

Nice work, Girt. Even though it doesn't show who wrote the piece you'd like to think there were at least a couple of readers who didn't miss the mistake and fired off a letter to the editor.

I wonder how many people read it and DID accept 1954.

I remember The Courier did a big article on "the other ballarat" a couple years ago.

Given the americanized reference, perhaps he was referring to Ballarat, CA

you mighta jumped to conclusions big fella.

What is the bloody answer then ?

I think I went to Ballarat, is that the one with the rebuilt mining village ?

Ballarat Reform League. And yep, Ballarat is near to Sovereign Hill, the rebuilt mining town.

"Don't leave your food lying around, the Ballarats will steal it." ~~ Traditional goldfields joke.

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