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I've been watching the English Premier League pretty solidly for five years or more and I still couldn't tell you the names of half our side (the half that don't play in the Premier League). And I really enjoyed watching the A-League last year. I might get a season ticket to see Adelaide United next season as well.

I only really follow Wimbledon, so I haven't watched much EPL.

"Proper football"?

"Proper football"?

I know, Anne. It's such an impressive game you couldn't resist the urge to say it twice.

Don't get me wrong - I like soccer.

Way too much interest for a nothing "friendly". Honestly. Who gives a f*cking rat's?

Very important game for our preparation, make no doubts. But calm down on the hype, people. Sheesh.

You wanna be here in Poohville, Biggy Boy. It's wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, front gutter-to-back fence hype. And more.

You can always take the Canyonero cross-country if too many cars get in your way on the drive home.

1 (one) scoring shot in 90 (ninety) minutes of play. And we're supposed to care about this game because...? Sheesh. Soccer is the Big Brother of professional sports. About the only element of interest is in seeing how hammy the deathbed contortions can get when the players are trying to milk a penalty without conceding a penalty themselves. And thet's before we mention the commentators. After seeing soccer, how can anyone complain about Bill Lawry being a boring player or an overexcitable commentator?

What I do mind is traffic, more so after a hard day's slog.

So obviously no problem then?

Omega Man = Great movie! Charlton Heston featured in a whole string of neat science-fiction movies - Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, and Omega Man. There must have been more ...

You're more than right Clem. Straight after Josip jagged that left foot hack into the top left hand corner, the stuffing went out of the whole damn thing. Up go the shutters. Game over, 95,103 dingbats with nothing left to do other than fine-tune the mexican wave and work through the song book.
It just beats the hell out of me how a game which is so hopelessly unable to differentiate between two teams over 90 minutes of grunt, can be so popular. Team A is crap, but Team B can't win because the game is set up to blunt attack, favour defence.
I know you bag bully-sticks TT, but at least they solved that one (get rid of off-side, the goalie is fair game - "you want to get in the way sunshine? Then cop this in the moush", speed up the ball transfer so mid-fields and attacks don't have time to flood back to defence, etc) so at the end of a game, it's 7-3, 8-6, or somesuch. A bag of goals, a fair go for all and a result.
PLUS, we are Olympic Gold Medallists and World Champions, so that't a bit more fun than sitting down for the not-to-be-missed Poofteroos vs Lichtenstein game(which will probably be a nil-all draw) before checking into the Kaiserlautern YHA prior to a snail race with the assorted mediteraneans, euros and argies that think this stupid game matters.
I don't really care, Soccer will never make it in this country, it doesn't gel with the larrikan streak (ding dong - yellow card for use of cliche ) in our national character.

It's easy to mock, FX, it's easy to mock. Actually, it is easy to mock. Carry on.

Two off the top o' me nadger, Tim - Touch of Evil and Major Dundee.

Os, you know why soccer is popular? It's easy to start a game. Four rocks as goals, a peasant's head for a ball and away you go.

Peckinpah's 'Major Dundee'?
Confederates 0
Yankees 1 ?

Huh, it's obvious that soccer fans aren't among your readership Teach. I was looking for an argument back there and all I got was complete ignore.

Bugger soccer. Big of you not to mention yesterday.

(a) I'm getting so used to victory, I don't notice it any more - it's just always there; and

(b) noblesse oblige

My cup runneth over Tone, Subi are 8 and zip.

He whom the Gods would destroy, first they make happy.

And I don't know your mate Banovich, I only used to play A Grade Amateurs, South Perth were too soft for that.

Well, for being so cocky there is only one possible response - West Coast are a certainty for the flag.

Geddorf, I know what you're up to. But I get a vicarious pleasure from knowing how much pain it gave you to say it.

No more pain that I get from saying it for Adelaide, Sydney and Collingwood. It's a pleasure, in fact, knowing each of those three and Wet Toast are a jolly good thing for the flag and that three of them are going to be mighty disappointed.

And as far as Melbourne are concerned, I'm used to it.

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