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I've always been a Faraday fan but you can't go past Ampere given the current state of play.

I have no fucking idea watt you're talking about.

He's a bright spark, our Tony.

Lock in Gauss, please.

Faraday is always a big name to cite when IT fellas try to show off their knowledge but my vote's with Hans Christian Oersted for his recent rise to fame on Lost.

I didn't realise people went around making lists of favourite electromagnetic pioneers.

It's something that too often gets overlooked.

Ted Bundy's not on the list but he's done more than these blokes to popularise the use of large amounts of electricity.

I think every possible electromagnetic pioneer pun has been used. Come on TT, I know you can conjour one up from somewhere...

You need to arc up Hannes Alfvén, Chair of Plasma Physics, and one half of the name Alvar Hanso.

Me? No puns? I'm shocked.

Yes, that's right, it's a lame pun. It's supposed to be.

Well, all power to you then.

Potential humour?

Maxwell, Smart choice.

There's a powerful case for all of you to be charged with crimes against the English language.

You forgot George, Tony.

You know:

"Ohm mani padme hum"
(Resistance makes the wire glow hotter)

*runs off cackling*

Karl Guass, without a doubt. He has the coolest name. Sounds like an action hero...

Karl Gauss IS Flux Man.

Sorry Rory, but Georg Ohm is a *slightly* cooler sounding name. Plus, the symbol for Ohm is very cool too.

Was he not on the list because he was more involved with electrostatics?

gauss, it's gotta be gauss -- he's the only one who's got a gun named after him. plus also his maths' probability distribution drives the world's financial markets.

wot? you don't know the Gauss Gun? its alias for americans unable to pronounce "gowss" is "rail gun". yup, ye olde quake qulassic.

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