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Naa - you're way too B to be an A
wheareas I can rarely be a B

Is there a 'C'?
i.e. gets his best information from books with pictures?

That's me.

Wanchor words indeed.

From an employers point of view:

Global -> Big picture

1. Flexible, relaxed - wouldn't work in an iron lung.
2. Views rules as guidelines - no follow orders no work here.
3. Repeaded (sic)directions to get the picture - thick as two short planks.
4. Gets the job done on the spur of the moment - slugs around all day and does half arsed job just before knock off time.
5. Wants to find personal meaning - you work I pay.
You no work you out of here. There you go.
6. Excels in group activity - wanker
7. Discussion cooperation, pats on back - double wanker.
8. Flexible rules, fairness - rules, by definition, are not flexible. This is fair.
9. Harmonious environment - not with this bludger.

Educational establishments encourage this type. The toxic effects of their indulgence is visited upon others.

Large corporations, usually charging monopoly rents, pay lip service to the type but quietly get rid of them. Governments tolerate them as employees but shunt them off to non jobs. Small businesses quickly kick their sorry arses out on the street.

think analytical, act global.

globalytical here to Tony. I guess I swing both ways.

It's because we're ambilearnstrous, Patrick.

Now, I better go prepare tomorrow's lessons. We're doing maths and I'm going to pound the methods into some unresponsive noggins. "Recite after me ... "

Speaking of delivering a pounding, the mighty Oscar De La Hoya delivered 6 rounds of the same to Mayorga today in his first comeback fight. I loved the post fight comments:

"You are a great champion," Mayorga said to De La Hoya. "You are a great fighter. I apologize for everything I said to you."

"I forgive you," De La Hoya replied.

I'm looking forward to the same scenario Wednesday week 17/05/ when (hopefully) Danny Green gives Mundine 40 winks on the Aussie Stadium canvas during the famed 6th round snooze.

The painfully long lead-up to the Green/Mundine fight has knocked me out.

I'm more of a big details, small picture kinda guy m'self.

I'm rather fond of a nice pair of details.

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