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Hold on...so if I read between the lines, are you telling me that Melbourne teams have a history of winning AFL premierships. Crazy! First I've heard it...

Soon you'll be saying Santa Claus isn't real

It's an odd concept for sure, Russ. But Vic teams have been known to win the odd flag way back when.

Santa probably barracks for Sydney.

Such a well crafted and thoughtfully written post. A joy to read. It is right up there in the rarified air of the blogosphere this one is.

Stop using the phrase "rolling the dice" is rolling the dice... or taking the pill to the fat side in junk time (is it me or do most of those terms have dietary connotations?)

Before we all get conscripted into the Magpie Army, I might wait until they get an injury of any description and see how they go. Its this sort of dream run with your side that you want at the end of the season, not 8 rounds in... see Sydeney circa 2005.

Kieren Perkins did swim at the Sydney Olympics - he just won a silver medal behind Hackett.

Melbourne are bound to win the AFL this year now. After all, I've been converted to fanship (fandom?) after my one game. I have a scarf and everything. I even vaguely understood the rules of the game. Better than the Yanks standing behind me, anyway.

Many thanks again for your hospitality, Tony. Next time you're in the northern backwaters of England or in the even more backwater-like environs of London, I hope to be able to reciprocate.

Thanks, Girt.

Adsy: ALL predictions need the rider "injuries notwithstanding".

NS: Well I'll be buggered. Still, it wasn't the swim Cling was talking about. Unless, of course, his Great Moments sights are set very low.

Paul: No worries, a pleasure to have you along. I suggest my password upon someday entering northern England be "Whatever you reckon, mate."

When interstate teams win we don't have to put up with as many local idiots climbing the bandwagon and going around with their Collingwood/Essendon scarves that have been under the bed since the last time they went to a game in 1995.

Therefore if we're not going to win it go Freo.

TT ... it's a scandal that you've duped Paul into supporting the Dees, does he realise he's in for a lifetime of grief? But then, if he's from Ooop North, maybe he's despised and acquainted with grief already?
Adam ... if the bloody Dockers win the flag the West will be uninhabitable and I'll have to migrate to South Africa. An easy threat to make, it's not gonna happen. Go Eags.
My greatest moments in sporting history was when Woosha ironed out Derm, when Lethal broke the point post and when "Fatty" Lamb took an overhead mark.

I don't believe it. Fatty never took and overhead mark.

Yup, did so - he was lairising mind you. And that's not all - once I saw Banno kick on his right foot twice in a row.

Surely that's not Drew Banfield. You mean Dave Banovich, former coach of South Perth, right?

Dear old Fatty. I've got a tape from the 1995 preseason where Lamb was trying out for a special comments gig. Did a good job, except for the slight drawback that he's got a voice that makes Damien Oliver sound like Barry White.

Paul, ever seen your new team lose? Prepare to.

That Tony Jones story has to be made-up. That clown has mates now?

[blockquote]David Nietz rolls a dice, he's rolling the dice. For fuck sake, stop it![/blockquote]

I feel your pain, Tony. It's very hard to take when you know, deep down, that he was actually rolling a die.

Good call Clem, one does not a dice make. Anyway, what happened to "alea jacta est" - why don't we get a bit of lah de dah in our commentary, Mr Gunner Graham?

Die, dice men!

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