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If the answer to 9 down were 9 letters then it would have made sense - and explained the derivation of your mysterious Snaguette.

You never know: Snagu Ette. Not sure how the Timorese pronounce it.

Let the bloody horses eat cake.

What happened to the carrots and sugar cubes?

Did you ever get that bloody dictionary?

PS: I think the Sugarcubes broke up after Björk left.

Nope. No dictionary yet. I keep sending in the solutions, but so far I haven't been drawn out of the bag. Skullduggery, for sure.

Björk = cat being strangled.

Umm, I think you'll find that it's spelt Philistine, not Filistine.

Thanks, Tom - you're too kind. Tell me: is this how you spell ambuscade? Or is that also a tpyo?

I think Fillistine has a double 'l'

No, I don't think so, Third. Unless you are ambuscading me, you are either confusing Fill with Phil Stein, a guy I used to work with, or Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of the USA.

Or someone else, entirely.

Marto is a &*&((*^ dog! Who cares about a ton when you can't hang around and see us to victory. Marto - Hohns is gone - you're FIRED!

Well, you have forget the little mark that should on top of the e in Previn. What a disgrace, Mr T.

Cripes, this blog gets posh every now and then.

I was taking bets at work that we'd lose by a single figure margin. Martyn, you marvellous goose. Clark, you marvellous goose. Wonder what would have happened with Langer if the scores had been tied and Kaspro had gotten out. Hmmm?

Happy to do me dough. Though.

Au contraire, cherie Anya.

The radio commentators said that Langer quickly padded up at the fall of Clark's wicket and that everyone swamped him with congrats when the winning runs were scored.

I knew Marto wouldn't be there if we were to make the runs - elementary my dear Tone, it's Marto.

Sydney. January. 1994. Say. No. More.

I can't follow the link as my bandwidth is chokkas on a download but I assume it is the infamous Marto - last batsman standing gently, nay beautifully, timing a cover drive straight to the only fieldsman in the vicinity as Fanie continued his rampage through the Oz lineup. I was at the Brunswick Heads Rissole wailing and gnashing my teeth.

This Test was pure Marto - needed a big score to save his spot, in the circumstances only a ton would suffice, yet it's Marto therefore once the ton is achieved promptly get yourself out. Saves his position (who'll drop a centurion?) yet not really gutsing it out for the team - the questions still remain.

Prediction: Marto to score big in Bangladesh, possible double ton in the offing. 1st 3 Ashes tests fails to get past 30, then scores a 70+ in the 4th amongst an Australian top order rampant. Saves his skin yet again and fails to score another half ton the rest of the series. Get ya money on.

awww...that's a bit harsh Pat... ok, then two things: first, he got four of the very best S. Bollocks could offer; and second, I offer you just about every test in 2004 when Australia were behind after the first innings...of which there were a few.

I'll take your 2004 Saggy and raise you every other year Marto has played Test cricket.

However, let's not let Marto cloud what is before us...get that one up ya you Saffa whinging useless ::insert racial slur du jour:: pricks! 3 nil home series whitewash, 5 blot from 6. Hahahahaha. No doubt you'll blame the poor black umpire for your failings but the truth is - you're a shithouse cricket team from a shithouse nation.

Didn't we say in an earlier post (the Brad Hodge one) that the selectors would pick him in the knowledge that within 5 or 6 tests he would "repay their faith" in him and make a score? Gives him another series or two doesn't it... bullshit really.

On the news tonight they basically said what a quandry Cricket Aus has now trying to pick a new selector. Well look no further, I'm their man. I'll give you a few of moy upcoming selections/strategy for moving forward:

1. Shane Watson is to never play for Australia again (unless he pulls his head in ie. G.McGrath)
2. Golden handshake to Marto, nice career but on your bike.
3. M.Clarke to pull another good season in Pura Cup/County cricket to even get a look in at Test level.
4. Symonds to get a fairly extended run in Test side (contentious I know) but unless another batting allrounder apart from S.Watson comes good hes got the job.
5. Pay Warney whatever it takes to keep him playing till at least 40.
6. Blood young bowlers like Johnson etc through one day side as 3rd quick, eg. don't play was-beens like Dizzy and Kasper in that role.
7. Keep Hussey in the middle order despite his leanings towards opening. P.Jacques first in line at the moment for opening spot but could change.
8. Give D.Cullen a run over in Bangladesh for the experience.
9. Complete selection meeting with Punter, Merv and Boonie (Hilditch as well?) and myself at local pub of choice before each test.
10. Continue to allow players to bait South Africa every series we play against them. Works every time.

Why would the sarfies need to complain about the umpiring when Peter English of Crocinfo has already done it for them. Apparently every Aussie was the beneficiary of a dodgy decision and every jarpie the victim.

Is there any other site offering ball by ball for the busy office worker that doesn't hate Australian success?

I support your candidacy Adsy - excellent 10 point plan. I'd like to add that Gilchrist needs a written warning now - avge 50 in the Ashes or it's Brad Haddin time.

Short term, Magilla and Warne are a must at the SCG, Bracken must play in Perth. Bichel the ring in for the Gabba.

Long term: I'd like to see an Oz under 24 team selected annually to play off-season 5 dayers against Test teams from Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and other nations on the cusp of Test status eg Safas.

And agreed Bruce. It was rare on radio as well to hear a Safa get out without the commentary suggesting the decision was a shocker. Ozzie out - deadset plumb, no worries.

The last Ashes series contained numerous umpiring blunders which, on the whole, went against Oz yet the media mantra was, "Overall England played the better cricket." Where's that sentiment gone now?

Yes a tad harsh on Marto. He got a beautiful over from Pollock. Agree with the Gilchrist dilemma, his keeping is still very good but his batting has dropped off dramatically but he's the type who'll plunder the Bangers.

Bring on the Ashes. It's the most anticipated home series since McCague, DeFreitas, Mullaly walked the earth.

In addition to Adsys excellent proposals, I would add...

1. Langer, Hayden, Ponting, Hussey, Gilchrist, Lee, McGrath, Warne - all have a break starting now i.e. miss the joke series against Bangladesh.
2. Tell Gilly his place is secure - just have a hit - if he can slog 20-40 at 7 in his dotage, and keep like an athlete - well, that's good enough for me.
3. Call up anyone in Aus who could ever conceivably play Test/One day cricket for Aus again (i.e. not Gillespie/Kasper etc), and let them play Bangladesh.
4. Have a chat with India about playing a 4 Test (pay TV only) series in Aug/Sep this year - as preparation for the Ashes, when all players listed in 1 can get some practice.
5. Consider neutral grounds for Test series above - with hard bouncy pitches prepared, so we can prepare for a 4 pronged pace attack that bounces and moves the ball at speed.
6. Fuck the Champions Trophy this year, get India on side, and play a 20/20 'World Cup' - it'll take half the time, and, again, we can play Australia 'A', to give players some experience.
7. Send a big 'fuck you' card to G.Smith, and pretty much every pundit on the ABC, Fox Sports, and Cricinfo (notable exception Will Luke), for their biased BS on every day of the recent Safa fucking tour.
8. Down to pub for beer.

Fair crack of the whip nick, I don't think that BJ and AB on Fox have been biased towards the Saffies.

Yeah, I like BJ and AB and MW, too, when he gets a go. Most of the rest of the coverage is rubbish, as is CricInfo -Australia steal a two-wicket thriller? Now, come on!

A team for Fah-Too-Lah:

12th SCG Gorilla-for-Sale

At least South Africa is a republic, more than you can say for some colonial outposts

... like Canada.

Mea culpa....didn't see much of BJ, AB, and MW - but was referring to the commentators rather than the 'anchors'. Very interesting to hear AB talk about the umpires - he obviously thinks Bucknor is past it.

So, if JL is unfit to be hit in the head, can he ever open again for Australia?

ps Punter sums it up well.

SOUTH African cricket supporters, having watched the final nail being hammered into the national side’s coffin at the Wanderers yesterday, are clinging to the belief that, despite a 5-0 thrashing, the Test series between Australia and SA was much closer than statistics suggest.

Australian captain Ricky Ponting’s last words to the cricket media before his team’s departure yesterday revealed the delusionary nature of that belief.

“I don’t think SA have deserved to win any of the Tests this summer,” he said yesterday after Australia had won the sixth and last Test of the summer by two wickets at the Wanderers an hour into the fifth day.


5-0 is hard to argue about. "but if we hadn't dropped that catch, bad light had stopped play, umpiring decisions...." Um it's 5-0 you Sth African toadstools, get back in your box and simmer on it until the next test series whitewash and take your Test cricket ranking with you Boucher.

I'm with Saggygreen on this one. The ball was jagging all over the place, and Bollock's over to him was good enough to get him two or three times. Asides from which, where would we have been without his ton? Are we going to question Hussey's commitment when he missed two straight ones from Boje in both innings when we could have done with more runs from him? Granted, our middle order isn't that great at the moment and I really doubt that we're going to get to 400+ on a consistent basis with the current line-up, but surely Symonds and Gilchrist are more responsible for that than Martyn. That was a match-winning innings under pressure and he deserves recognition for it.

Girt: If we were a republic, we could have a Republic Day. Who doesn't love a public holiday. Not that I'm suggesting we should ditch the Queen's Birthday, mind. Let's not get carried away.

Nick: A couple of things from that article. 1) Kallis is foolish to say New Zealand aren't as good as Straya. He virtually implied he was scared of us. 2) Not only did SA bowl wide to Clark, and the Aussie tail in general, they did so without a sweeper. 3) Ha. Haaaaa.

Rich: Boucher strikes me as a straightforward sort, so deep down he'll know they were hosed.

Carrot: Far too much common sense. Stop that.

The thing that shits me most about crocinfo is that this will become the 'official' record of the series. In 20 years time someone will be reading up about Punter's golden run with tons all over the place and will be given the impression that South Africa was a bit hard done by, instead of the fact that they were completely and comprehensively outplayed in all 6 tests.

In 20 years time, people will look at the scorecards. 5-0. 'nuff said.

CricInfo is certainly full-of-it. But you can't escape the fact that teams that win tests often have the rub of the green. Or some similar pilfered cliché.

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