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Joyeux anniversaire, then! Although I'm torn between yours and Chernobyl's, now...

Mine is the bigger deal - and has ripped undies.

DYK that the Gestapo was officially formed on this day in 1933. Bet you've never negatively impacted history, Tony.

And Wikipedia informs me that nothing really cool happened on my birthday. You win.

Negatively impacted history, Ed? Some would quibble. It's a matter of degrees.

My birthday is also rather tedious, history-wise. Except that I was born then. So 2o December at least has that going for it.

Ahhh, December 20. I remember it well. Cheka (first Soviet secret police) founded in 1917.

I feel I'm warming to a theme here.

Hitler was released from prison on 20th December 1924.

Ed: And a very warming theme it is, too.

Girt: He was? Perhaps I sold 20 Dec short.

And German officers tried to blow Hitler up on 20th July, so an eventful anniversary on my birthday.

20 December - that's my brothers birthday! Good for you - or him, as the case may be!

Count Von Wicksteinberg, do you own a briefcase?

Bad for him - good for me. I'll have his prezzies, thanks.

Not Bottoms up, then?

Bottoms rip.

I'm surprised you emerged from Sydney sober!

"it's been three years today since I gave up the sauce."

Herewith a tangential connection. If'n I can say in 2 years "it's been three years today since I gave up the B&H Super Mild." I'll be a happy (albeit geriatric) little Vegemite.

And it's been a whole lot easier than I'd thunk.

I'm on the HP tonight. Love it!


This is sweeter than any booze and guaranteed to give you a hangover if you're on the wrong end of it - http://www.nozzs.org/junk/wrecker.wmv

Keep up the good work, Sedge.

A great moment in contact sports, Anthony, it's not often a Melbourne player dishes it out. Pity we still lost.

3 years sober? Gads man. How do you function in a school full of miscreants and misanthropes if not three sheets to the wind?

Regardless of the health benefits, think of all the exiting and interesting things you can do and then completely forget about tomorrow? Marriage, job, feed the kids....


Congratulations, sir. Hope all else is well down there.

-The Earthlings

"Is not the worthlessness of what we do the secret fear that unites all scribblers?" Theodore Dalrymple in today's The Australian.

Congrats AGB - no small thing to achieve.
Gummo's blog mentions he has to quit the fags now, so good luck to him too.

re 20th Dec:
1.is it The Vernal Equinox?
2. Hitler was released from prison before his sentence was served, because all the other prisoners HATED him.

Three years. I swear.

Was that picture of your unwashed boxers really necessary, Tony? Think of the children.

Unwashed? Nappysan.

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