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Bruckheimer is the best at this sort of stuff. I'm like you, I enjoyed National Treasure even though it was madly stupid.

No one make shit shine like Jerry.

How does Nicholas Cage remain employed?

Beats me! I would have bums-rushed him out of the industry round about Face Off, The Rock or Con Air. Although CA was a bit of a lark.

Birdy was it for me, all down hill from there. Con Air and The Rock were like, bad, y'know? I refused to watch Face Off (Face/Off?)

Birdy? Yep. Awful rubbish. Just looking at his CV. Christ, he's been in some shit.

He remains employed, quite simply, because he has a good agent. If acting talent or good looks actually mattered in Hollywood blockbusters the industry would have been dead years ago. It's who you know, not what you in showbiz. I mean, how has Tony Grig remained employed?

This is what is wrong with the Australian film industry. We don't have a Declaration of Independence.

Well, Mr. Tilley, according to Mr. Brukheimer, you can steal ours rather trivially.

Come to think of it, you can steal Mr. Brukheimer too...

Has there ever been a better cast in a worse movie than ConAir?

Nick Cage
John Cusack
Steve Buscemi
Dave Chapelle
Ving Rhames
John Malcovich

PS - Tony.....I love you as much as Pearl Harbour SUCKED.

I didn't mind National Treasure. The final treasure reveal was very nicely done as a piece of pure cinema. Or Con Air or Face/Off or The Rock. Good cheesy fun delivered with great gusto. Certainly beat the fuck out of Lucas's last few efforts at rousing entertainment. Would it kill you Goerge to throw a few decent one liners into the eternally dull exposition dialogue?

What's interesting though is all these big Bruckbudget action films had a rather nerdy nebbish actor as their main boy. Nick's no Arnie, Clint, Charlton, Ford or McQueen yet somehow the Bruckmeister keep casting him as the plot carrier.

On the other hand, we all really enjoy the bad guy parts in these kinda films. Like Cyrus the Virus or Jack the Joker. Nothing like a great character actor hamming it up as a real entertaining evil bastard to fritter away a hungover Sunday afternoon.

James, you must love me A VERY LOT. But regarding CA, don't forget MC Gainey, Colm Meaney and Danny Trejo. I can't stand John Malkovich, I think it's his voice. It makes me want to punch him.

Nabs, I would try to convince the Bruckbuster to take Paul Guilfoyle out of CSI (it's done it's dash) and stick him into a lead role for one of his movies.

Nabs, was it? Sorry. Speaking of nebbish, it should be Nebs.

Paul Guilfoyle? Yes, he's one of the few TV cops that actually resembles a cop.

It's no National Lampoon

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