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Bloody hell! (Topical, that.) I've just googled up Lout of Africa only to discover another article used it three years ago.

Bugger it! I think I'll change to my next choice which is a version of this.

At least I didn't have to stoop to this, or this.

I swear to God every movie I have seen that chick in, involved pointless sex scenes. The opening scene of Crash, for example. Some other totally forgettable movie whose name I can't remember. Then I saw the movie Sunshine at the start of 2001 and guess what her character gets into after a little bit? It was raunchy, baby, it was raunchy! (and totally freaking pointless)

plus she looks like Jenna Elfman in that picture, and Jenna Elfman is a Scientologist. So let's brand her guilty by association, or looks. Whatever.

Nabakov's right, though. You could plot a course solution with her cheeks. We'll call it Ungernometry.

Am I mistaken, or is Jenna Elfam THE most irritating actress in modern movie-dom? How, precisely, did she become famous? It certainly doesn't seem to be for "excellence in front of a camera".

So when are you gunna change that headline? Not that it matters.

Hanstander. Good Captain. Great Criminal.

DJ. You're right, it doesn't matter, does it.

Nick. Tick. VVG.

By the way, I was thinking of Stander and Deliver.

How about Unforgiven, Nabs? Now there's a film nowhere near as good as it's press.

Yes, Unforgiven is on the short list along with a large chunk of Hitchcock's ouvere. Suggestions still welcome. But not the obvious suspects like the Phantom Empire, Pearl Harbour or Battlefield Earth. I'm talking overly acclaimed flicks that in retrospect are really just meretricious warthog crap.

Incidentally I like "Lout of Africa". By the way folks, I just write the grogflogs and suggest images. Tony comes up with the titles and the final images and their placement. Sorry to ruin the magic here.

I gots anuther one - Chariots of Fire. Awful nonsense. Just because I know you're such a sports fan Nab "The Slugger" O'Kov.

Corrupt cop movies - Bad Lieutenant is hard to go past.

I hated Bad Lootennant. Talk about a gruelling couple of hours. Shame the hoods didn't pop a cap in Harve's ass right at the start. Ferrara did much better violence here.

Ferrara Tits Bit: Zoë Tamerlis, the star of the latter, had a bit part in the former.

You're still spelling it wrongly, you ignoramus, it's "jaapie".

That was me PB. See the comment 4th above yours. So how should I spell jaapie?

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