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Possible spoiler alert::

Tony, I saw the end of a movie years ago starring Brando as an English gent up against a black fella who leads some sort of revolution. In the end Brando has this fella executed - for which the man is quite happy as he believes his legend will have more power once he is dead. Brando gets killed in the end. Is this that movie? I hope so cause I've wanted to watch it ever since but never knew what it was called.

Reminded me of a Joseph Conrad style of story.

That is most definitely the movie, Pat. It's a beauty.

Excellent. Now to find it.

Good thinkin'. I just oredered the soundtrack.

I could try my old man's method and write to Fox requesting it. I must check with him but I'm pretty sure he has been waiting (and regularly re-writing requests) for something like 3 years or more for a rerun of The List of Adrian Messenger so he can tape it. He's quite mental you know.

Things move quickly when you go straight to the top. Just tell him to call and ask for Rupert.

I thought that said Bum, and now I'm disappointed.

I have the movie on tape somewhere, but never labelled it and can't be arsed looking for it. Otherwise I'd help you for sure.

Despite what IMDB would have you believe it is available from Amazon in region 1, should set you back less than AU$27 delivered.


I've found http://www.dvdpacific.com/ pretty good too for odd films delivered quickly at decent prices.

Incidentlly if 22 more comments are made here, this thread will reach 32. Pretty spooky hey?

It's tempting to ...

do this ...

but I'm bigger than ...


It's a terrific movie and once heard, Morricone's score will stick with you for good.

SBS has screened a fine widescreen print a couple of times, it ought to appear again on their cycle shortly.

Tiger Blumfield? Interesting email address, Sandeano. Sure you couldn't pick a more illustrious Tiger. Someone great like Ashley Blurton, Todd Menegola or Daryl Freame?

Yeah, I know.

I was going out with the gal who was a rabid Bomber supporter and Blumfield was her favourite player. When he joined the Tiges I opened this account to stir her. Of course he was pathetic in his time at Punt Road and yes, I haven't corresponded with her in a couple of years.

But I have so many things linked to this account that I can't be stuffed changing it.

At least she wasn't a Bulldog or Hawk barracker or else I'd be listed as "Tiger Hudson".

So I suppose it could be worse.

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