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Considering how few good commentators there are here in Straya, this would probably be a win for the viewers, on balance. Once we got used to it, we'd probably wonder why we bothered with commentators in the first place. Although the occasional special comment from one or two of the few experts who actually know what's going on would probably work. (Did Optus trial this a few years ago?)

I mean, it's an old question, but do we REALLY need some shrill honker telling us what we are already looking at?

That's mainly for football, by the way. But not exclusively.

If a sport is 'fox sports active' you can do this already on foxtel.

What? Just the sounds of the game, and no commentators?

I think Dermot might have been in on that Optus C7 business.

I am seriously thinking of upgrading to digital then. A wider angle and no commentary is the holy grail of the discerning football watcher.

Somebody tell Rex Hunt the end is nigh.

Thank God.(or Allah or Gaia or whoever floats your boat)

I don't necessarily want silent commentators, I just want ones who talk more sense than the ones we have now.

Rex Hunt is a bully, blow-hard and fat-head who talks less sense than most. And he loves himself because he rates. His offsider Clinton Grybas is simply nauseating the way he sucks up Rex. 3AW = nightmare.

Rex seems to think that the football is something we just put up with so that we can hear Rex.

Precisely. But with 3AW boosting him, it'll take some time yet before the majority of listeners realise he's a shocker.

umm. rex is ok. at least he is not vanilla.

Tony yeah. In the one "active" game per week you can select the umpires microphone or just general ground sounds instead of commentary.

Rex WAS ok. Now he's just a blowhard. Just because he's not bland doesn't mean he's good.

Interesting that, Yob. I initially signed up for Fox-Dig, but pulled out after I realised I wouldn't be getting that much more bang for my buck. One active game wouldn't make up for the dough I'd have to fork out.

You might want to revisit those costs Tone. Optus is now offering us a discount on the monthly fees to go to digital.

I am seriously considering it now and Yob's news about the active game is a definite plus.

In my opinion digital is worth the extra cost just to have the extra version of the popular channels on 2-hour delay. But then I'm a mindless consumer.

Sounds alright, but I've got this discount thing happening that packages Foxtel and my home and mobile phone-bills. So I caouldn't be bothered shifting over to Op-Tarse. I'll stick with Telstr-AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

If the American sports networks do away with the commentators, will they not be tempted to replace them with canned laughter? I can't think of anything more appropriate than hearing the synthetic audience roar with laughter every time Murali lets go of the ball, or Hopuate expresses his affection for his fellow Rugby League players. Basketball, even more than soccer, desperately needs something to liven up the game's intrinsic dullness. Conversely, I think many American sitcoms which rely on canned laughter would be much improved if they replaced their canned laughter with Australian sports commentators, who do a much better job of inducing unintended laughter. Imagine dragging Rex Mossop out of retirement to commnentate on "Will and Grace"

You shoulda heard these Melbourne radio dicks going on about how good Darryl Eastlake was. They'd just interviewed him, and were in full-on suck mode. It was pathetic.

Don't forget to overdub "Strike One!" as Murali delivers.

I like Will & Grace.

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