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Thanks to the excellent Anfernee from Chippendale (Go Dees!) for the link.

A note on the vid-jo: It's a 33.9 Meg dot avi file which I played with a DivX Player. But, who knows, you dogs might use something else.

Completely off topic (well, not completely, being cricket and all), I noticed an article in this week's Medical Journal of Australia that was a little interesting. Here's the link. http://www.mja.com.au/public/issues/184_04_200206/bru10319_fm.html (sorry, can't do the htlm thing).

Scroll down to about two-thirds of the way through, and there's the world's greatest offspin bowler kitted up in his motion-capture gear. Now, the image next to him of a virtual bowler (I use the term loosely) may not be him, but it is a very bendy arm. And those with a conspiratorial bent (boom boom) would notice that the graph below the photo, showing the angle changes for a 'selected' movement, has had the line removed "for reasons of confidentiality".

One of the co-authors is Bruce Elliot, the boffin who tests the world's greatest off spinner seemingly every second week. For 'reasons of confidentiality', or to preserve a pretty cushy gig from the ICC?

Good god, man! What are you doing reading medical journals?

No idea why they would have censored the graph. I'm pretty sure they could have found at least one that passed muster. Even if ten didn't.

One of the other contributors is Peter Bruckner who is often to be heard on ABC radio sport and in The Age.

Can still hear that commentators voice. "Oooo! What a jaffa!"

I mean the radio commentator.

Maybe it was Trevor Bailey? I think. Maybe.

Good bit of video, but where was the linking footage of Warne filmed ? On a small yacht rounding Capr Horn in a force 10 ? Keep bloody still man, I'm feeling ill.

Obviously pre-Diruetic that footage (second chin making the odd appearance) but not bad at all. For all those bendy-apologists, just wondering how many of those he chucked there? And if you put Murali's 8 greatest balls up there (Hayden @ Kandy anyone?) how many of them would be 15 deg plus?

Hows Gibbs, drops the World Cup and gets bowled to get us back into same World Cup...

Betcha we never see Hayden LB Kandy on a like-wise vidjo.

Top work, Tony (and anthony)

No, no - it's Anfernee. (With an Aitch.)

In true English style
'Fucking top notch'
Warne is a legend, and murali does not compare to Warney

Too true, Vaughny. They are playing different games, afterall.

How good is this ING Final? The best one-dayer of the Summer and it's no in the VB series!! Says plenty about the quality of the VB series...

I only saw the last ball. Bugger.

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