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great, now I'm traumatised by the memory of having watched the Cronenberg one *shudders*

Yeah, apparently they are quickly running out of titles in Hollywood - in France 2005's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang had to have "Shane Black's" added (and I almost typed Shane Warne's... whatever is happening to my 'brain'?)

The Cronenberg one was diabolical except the Unger was hot even though she was being done over by Spader.

Can I mention that the writers of Crash have clearly never been to a Sizzler

Hey shit features, where's your brain you ugly cunt.

Oh R.H., you silver tongued cavalier you. Glittering repartee like that makes me go all so... Can I have your baby? On toast?

I didn't mind Cronenberg's "Crash", though I would agree he wasn't working off a very strong narrative to begin with. Unlike say "Concrete Island" or "High Rise" - which he made much better as "Shivers" anyway.

But yah, Deborah Unger and James Spader were pretty pedal to the metal in "Crash". There's something about Ms Unger's cheekbones that can often trigger my airbag.

Nothing can ever be "too pat". On the contrary, it is the hallmark of excellence!

Down, Pat.

I thought '96 Crash was ok, but was never able to reconcile Empire of the Sun Ballard against Crash Ballard. And am I the only bloke who can't stand James Spader?

PS: What's up with RH? Just pops in, lets fly, and fucks off again. Tourette's?

I was busy watching 'Due South' yet again tonight, and it emerges that Fraser has seen 'It's A Wonderful Life' 32 times.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Excellent spot, Steve, thanks for that. I'll put in in the list for processing.

You deserve a Pat on the back for that Pat answer.

Very sorry capital T. A misunderstanding.

Hi Nabacough.

And Tony, please delete that comment; I didn't know who you were, and wasn't well.
Apologies to everyone. Yes, and even to Nabakov.

"I didn't know who you were"? Good grief, man! Talk about rubbing it in.

Talk about rubbing it in.

Bishop to Choirboy

Choirboy to King's Bishop 6.


Cronenberg....ahh, fantastic, everyone loves a naked lunch.....

Damn you, RH! Yet again, the raw pawn for me.

Not me, Soph. Think of the spillage, girl.

awwwww.... I thought it was really great! I think it should win the Oscar, no other film about racism quite like it

To be fair, Tom "no other film about racism quite like it" doesn't automatically make it a great movie.

Mind you, I thought it was alright.

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